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Monday, August 03, 2020

Hello August, Hope this new month brings new hope and joy ! 
Today in this post I'll be sharing about my new pick from Batik KAMMI a brand under the same Alleira Batik group. Thank you Clozette and Batik KAMMI for the opportunity to add a new batik collection to my wardrobe. I'm always so proud to be born an Indonesian, cause our country is so rich with cultures and I'm proud to have batik as our heritage cloth. Batik is indeed something that will eventually elevate your whole look, thus here in this post I'll share my newest Batik pick from Batik KAMMI. 
Batik KAMMI is a modern batik brand with premium quality and design yet affordable. They aim to be able to cater to the needs of the market and also help to preserve our Indonesian heritage and culture. Cause if its not us then whom? We should be proud and wear our heritage cloth more often to show that they're actually great and suitable for all occasions and not only formal events. All the materials used for batik KAMMI is 100% cotton and satin with printed batik, they ensure that every design and fabric used is comfortable. They also design their own batik even though it's printed but the quality is really very neat.  
Batik KAMMI comes in different beautiful motive types: Abimanyu, Arjuna, Boungenvile, Aster and many more. Price ranges varies but I would consider their pricing to be very affordable for the quality of their batik. Man shirt range from Rp.199.000 - 249.000 , while woman collection range from Rp.200.000 - 600.000 and Hijab collection 149.000. There's also a lot of other interesting promotion and collection for Hijab. 
Firstly, I made my purchase through their webstore and the process is really quick and easy. Below is a glimpse of how my order look like. I chose the Adriani Dress Blue because I fell in love with the intricate batik design of this dress. Not to mention its details on the sleeves and collar that makes it look even more chic and sophisticated. 


I personally find this dress so comfortable to wear in, not only its a statement on its own but it's actually a piece I can see myself wearing to different occasions from casual day out to formal events. The design is also so intricate and unique that it caught my eyes from the first time I saw this design. For this styling I'm trying to style it casually with a yellow sandal to add a pop of color complimented with my nude handbag. If I'm dressing up for a formal event in this dress I would probably wear a high heels to elevate the look. 
This dress is a very easy and comfortable dress to slip in. The zipper on the back makes it so easy to wear as well. Even though it has a batik print design but I don't think it has an old people accent to the design. The design and prints are pretty modern and unique with combinations of flowers and lines. This Adriani Dress is made from real hand drawn batik and not printed thus you can see the details and delicate hand drawn batik. I don't usually see much difference between printed and hand drawn batik but definitely the effort put into making a hand drawn batik is more difficult. That's why hand drawn batik is usually very pricey but this dress is considerably quite affordable for its quality and design. 
This dress also come in serval other colors black, blue, red, navy and brown. It's also mid length so its suitable for those who want to wear this for office wear too because it does give a sophisticated vibe. Truly happy with my pick of this blue dress since it really compliment my skin tone and also its cotton material makes it so comfortable to wear in. 
How do you like my styling for this dress? 

New collection by Batik KAMMI 
Just the perfect dress to slip in for formal occasion, it has a beautiful bling details on the waistline that enhances your body features. The flowy material also makes the dress look more elegant and poise. This dress is also perfect with those with a curvy figure cause the material and design of this dress will give you an illusion of a more lean looking figure. 
The design itself is quite interesting cause it actually has a square cut creating draps illusion on the dress. I also like the color combination of cream, gold and turquoise which elevate the whole look.  Isn't it pretty? 

Aside from www.alleiraplaza.com , you can also shop Batik Kammi through your favorite e-commerce below:

Thank you for reading to this post! Hope you'll have a new inspiration and idea that batik is not only for older people and formal events. You can also look chic and modern in them, let's do our part and make batik popular as part of our commitment to preserve our national heritage. 
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Love, Stevie 

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