[Beauty]: Sulwhasoo - First Care Activating Serum

Thursday, September 15, 2022

I'm back with another updated skincare review. It's so exciting to finally try out Sulwhasoo, this is my first time trying out their products. I have high hopes since I've heard and read so many good things about their products. Sulwhasoo is a brand under Amore Pacific which is known for their skincare line with Ginseng extract which is also known as South Korea's national rooted plants. Today in this post I'll be sharing on my experience and overall review on Sulwhasoo's First Care Activating Serum after trying it out for a week now. 

It comes with a pump to keep the product hygienic 

The product's texture is light, non greasy and absorbs very quickly into the skin. 
For every new skincare I'd usually give them a week trial period before sharing my thoughts on it. I do have sensitive skin thus I'm very careful in picking up skincare for my skin. Thus usually when products aren't suitable for my skin it react fast and cause irritation on my skin. This First Care Activating Serum works as a pre serum or booster serum just like its name it's used as the first step in skincare before you continue to use your usual skincare regime so that it helps your skin to be ready for the next products to work more optimally. 

Youth Master Technology™ in First Care Activating Serum helps to improve skin barrier, protects from skin aggressor making skin glow and look plump healthy.
Disclaimer: Do ignore my blemishes because its the time of the month when I got my hormonal acne due to period but look at that glow :)
Btw are you guys aware that Rosie BlackPink is now their brand ambassador ❤


I noticed my skin has become so much more healthy, plump and radiant looking after using this product daily. I guess it works in hydrating my skin by strengthening my skin barrier which eventually make my skin glow after incorporating it in my skincare regime. Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum prep your skin to be ready for whole skincare routines so that all the products can work better. It also contain anti-aging formula that helps to keep my skin healthy and radiant even with the presence of my blemishes. I notice that even with the blemish my skin seems plump, well hydrated and glowing. So if you ask me is it worth the price? I would say its definitely worth every penny as this product helps to strengthen skin barrier and a little goes a long way. 

Price: Rp1.350.000,-

Where can you buy?

You can purchase Sulwhasoo's product through their official stores at marketplaces or their website, personal shopper or even through their offline shops. 

Here's a picture to show you my skin a week before and after using it for a week, I guess I'll have to test it longer to see much significant results or change however so far so good. The most important part is it doesn't cause irritation on my skin. Have you tried Sulwhasoo's  First Care Activating Serum? If you do, kindly share your experience in the comment section. I'd love to read about them, see you on my next post!

Love, Stevie 

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