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Saturday, October 24, 2020

 Hello Beautiful people,  It's a fine month to start about something new from Barry M. By now Barry M won't be new to you since I've talked and reviewed about their products numerous times on my blog as well as on my Instagram page. For those who are new Barry M is British cult cosmetics brand that is said to be 100% Vegan and cruelty free. Today I'll share about their Barry M Dazzle Dust & Fine Glitter Dust which is a multipurpose glitter powders which you can use not only as your eye shadow but also on your body/ highlight on your cheeks. Without further ado let's dig in shall we?   


They come in this round glass pot that is pretty small in size but contains quite a lot of products since you only need a little to make it lit. This comes handy when you need to carry it around when you travel. Each glass pot consist 3.5g of products. 

Formula & Texture 

Both Barry M Dazzle Dust & Fine Glitter Dust  glitter powders are designed to be loose, intense color with sparkly glitters. However the only difference between the two are Dazzle Dust has much more fine glitters while Fine Glitter Dust has larger glitter particles. You can see the comparison of both on my swatches below. These glitter powder pots contain a multiple facets of intensive selective colors that glides on smoothly upon application giving off a sparkly finish. 

The colors are pretty pigmented since a single layer gives you all the color it has, however since its a powder base it would be best to apply a base prior to it so that the product can last longer. I have no complains over the glitters and texture as its so easy to apply but do use it carefully case glitters can get messy if you are unsure I suggest try to add it bits by bits. You can slowly build up the intensity instead of having glitter fall off everywhere, precision is key on applying these glitter dust. However once you've get used to it, you'll love these glitters as much as I do! 


Fine glitter dust 4 silver

Fine glitter dust 27 wildfire

Dazzle dust 39 rose gold 

Dazzle dust 44 bronze 

Make up Look 

So here's my whole eye makeup using both Barry M Dazzle Dust & Fine Glitter Dust. I used  Fine glitter dust 4 silver on the center of my eyelid to add more dimension to whole look and combined both Dazzle dust 39 rose gold and Dazzle dust 44 bronze  for the base on top of my neutral brown eyeshadow. Aside from that I also used  Fine glitter dust 27 wildfire for the inner corner of my eyes to brighten up my eye look, I also used it as my highlighter on my cheeks and also my collar bone. Since these powder glitters are so versatile and multipurpose you can use them for your eyes, cheek and body. Isn't the bling pretty? I like that even though the glitters are very intense but you can wear it both for daily look or even for festival look accordingly on how you'd like to do your makeup. what do you think of this look? 


Overall I would consider both Barry M Dazzle Dust and Fine Glitter Dust to be completely great ti add some beings over your eyeshadows or highlight whenever you feel like adding some pop of glitters that actually shine these glitter dust will surely do a great job. However you might need to pay attention to the application process so you won't smear the glitter all over your face. That's why I prefer using my fingers to give precision where I want to apply it but if you'd like to use brush make sure to spray your brush with a bit of face mist so when you apply the glitter powders they'll be more precised and won't get messy.  In terms of pigmentation and color pay off I have no complain over it! This will surely add up to my decorative makeup whenever I feel like wearing a popping bling bling makeup look. 

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Where to Buy?

You can find all Barry M Cosmetics products at Guardian and they are also available online on Barry M Official Store at Shopee and Tokopedia. Thanks to technology shopping has become a lot easier online with trusted online e-commerce platform. 

Thank you for reading! I'll see you soon on my next one...

Love, Stevie 

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