[Beauty]: Panasonic Beauty Hair Styler EH-HV40 Review

Monday, May 17, 2021

Hello beautiful people, how's your holiday going so far? I hope everyone had a pleasant rest, kindly remember to keep your distance, wear your mask and adhere with the health protocols to keep everyone around us safe. Today I'm back with a very exciting review for my new hair styling tool which I got from Panasonic Beauty Hair Styler EH-HV40.  

Thanks to both Panasonic Beauty and Clozette Indonesia for the opportunity to try out this portable hair styler. When it comes to hair styling, I'm always excited to try new hair styling tools since I style my hair every day. This new  Panasonic Beauty Hair Styler EH-HV40 is interesting because it has a very portable body and compact design which caught my attention. Isn't it amazing a small portable tool like this can create 3 different hair styles from tight curls, wavy (large curls) to straight hair look.
 Below are a few ways you can use this hair styler. ↴
Personally I find this hair styling tool so easy to use and very practical as well. The design which comes with a brush makes the result even more natural, airy bouncy curls. Now you don't have to carry different hair styling tool whenever you travel which is not only bulky, heavy and space consuming. Now this Panasonic  EH-HV40 can do it all. Just the dream hair styler everyone needs! It comes with a heat setting of 180°C (at 240v) with 1.7 m swivel cord, 26 mm barrel which isn't too small or big to create natural curls.  
Design and Function
2 in 1 styling brush iron, easy to select styling mode by sliding the switch 
It comes with a heat resistant pouch, thus making it even more convenient to carry around. The design of this EH-HV40 is 2 in 1 mode of curl and straight equipped with clip and brush barrel. IT is also static electricity suppression brush so you don't have to worry of getting electrocuted while doing your hair. This is by far my lightest and most compact hair styling tool I own. So far I'm in love with the result too! This little guy does amazing job to help me create my bouncy wavy curls. 
Curl / wavy mode

Straightener mode 

on off button

It can even fit in my daily bag :) 

Final result :)

It's only as big as my hand which is super portable. Approximately 23 cm 

How much? 
It cost 1.2 million rupiah, which is pretty reasonable for the result you can achieve with this single hair styling tool considering the functionality and compact portable size which makes it travel friendly. It's definitely worth every penny! To purchase you can check out the product at Panasonic Beauty Tokopedia Store. 
Want to Win it FREE
Panasonic Beauty is giving away 50 Panasonic Beauty Hair Styler Straightner Brush Iron EH-HV40, simply by joining the Selfie Competition. Giveaway is ongoing till 27 May 2021! 
For more information kindly check out the social media pages of @clozetteid , @idpanasonic, @panasonicbeautyid . Goodluck :) That's all for now, I hope you enjoy and find this review useful :) See you on my next post. 

Love, Stevie 

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