2022 in a Spin: Life Update

Sunday, September 11, 2022

 Hello there, 

Its been very long since I logged into my blog, sorry for keeping it hanging for so long. Lately I've been adapting and catching up so much on Instagram as I pushed myself to be more actives in videos however deep down I truly miss writing. This is such a therapy and safe corner for me to fully express myself, hope that I could be more focused and share equal consistency back on this blog too wish me luck on that. As much as people say that blog days are gone but I simply can't let go of this platform since its something very dear to my heart. Here I'm able to convey all the hidden unspoken words which I can't hardly deliver otherwise. 

So as per the title today I'll be updating you guys on my little life updates. Things have been pretty new and exciting lately. Experienced, learnt and grown so much over the past months. Looking back I wonder how life has unfold, so full of surprises ! In a glimpse we're now 4 months away from 2023, this year I've encountered love, said yes to a lot of new experiences I wouldn't dare to try before, travelled, worked, and lost. I believe every story comes with a beginning and an end, nothing is ever truly constant thus you just have to live the present. 

Not going to share a lot on my relationship however I guess I would spill it here too for those who've been wondering who 🐨is. YES, your girl finally got herself a boyfriend (Like everyone around me they say, the girl that has been single for the longest time FINALLY she has someone now.) To be honest, it wasn't in my agenda. I wasn't looking when it happened, I was in a state where I felt tired of actually meet new people, re-introducing myself and hoping they'll like me for who I am not who they portray me to be. Then He came around, someone that has showered me with so much love, constant support (aside from my family) and most importantly showed genuine kindness to people I cared & loved most. I always felt like I'm that girl that is hard to love simply because I know for sure what I like, what I don't, there's nothing in between and my core values( which may be rare to find these days and I'm very particular about it) . I've never really had a hard time deciding on things cause being brought up as the only child I've always learnt to be independent thus I'm able to make my own decisions. Then He happened, showed me that love isn't hard, that being me is okay, respecting my boundaries and values which made me took that leap of faith to break out of my comfort zone and start the journey to a whole new green area called relationship. It's still very new, don't know how the story might unveil but now we're happy and that's what matters.  As I've mentioned before I'm never in a rush to find someone, I always believe that what's meant to be will be and life isn't a race. So now we're just going to seize the present and try to be unbothered with the next chapter others are expecting, let's pray and let God take the lead.  

Everyone has their own timeline and pace, don't fall into the trap of society's idea of perfection of how you should live your life. Dating, Marriage is not the end goal, Life is so more than that! Don't get me wrong I do believe in marriage and having a family of my own thus I only date someone when I see myself with the person in the long run. However its just sad when people throw the ideas that woman has an expire date, I understand that there's biology clock ticking but not everyone want the idea of having child so please don't ever force yourself to be in any relationship simply just not to feel like you're behind timeline. Be in one when you feel its right, it should be easy, secure and safe, without continuously worrying about what ifs because both you and your significant others could communicate through everything and work things out together.

So many things have changed in 2022, personally I felt this year I've discovered so many new things about myself. I began to relearn myself and deal with my past traumas, understanding that sometimes you just can't have things go according to your plans and always be flexible to adapt to change. Throughout the past 2 years in the pandemic, I've learnt to set sail on stormy days and let the wind guide me through uncertainties. Before this was stressful! Now I'm more relaxed knowing as I grow in faith of understanding that We have a Good Father that will always make sure our needs are sufficient. Thus I'm able to discover that sometimes being flexible and impromptu open doors to many new opportunities I never thought could happen. Whether you're a believer or not, remember that even in the bleakest darkest tunnel you'll eventually pass through it. Having faith just makes it a lot easier since you know who's in control. 

This year I cried a lot, laughed a lot, smiled a lot and learn't a lot. Not perfect but wouldn't have done anything differently. Whatever failed is just a lesson I have to learn to grow. Every small wins have become so much more memorable since I have someone I could share all my emotions and feelings to 24/7, someone who is willing to be there and listen to my silly random rants, emotional rollercoaster, sudden burst of tears. Thank you! 

Lastly, friends they are the ones that kept me sane through all my whirl daily madness. I can't be more grateful for all the new friendship I've made this year and friends that are meant to stay. As I grow older I no longer have the energy for small talks and forced conversation. I believe that friendship should be easy just like any other sort of relationship when it feels forced then maybe it's just time to naturally drift apart. No hard feelings but now I've learnt that I don't want to force anything, if we tango than thats good. If not, then maybe we're better off apart no hates, I wish them well but maybe we've grown out of each other. Let's all be grown ups, less drama just love ❤✌

Guess that's all for the updates, oops.. its 2 am no wonder words just flow, I always love writing at this hour because I can express myself without filters. Many new exciting projects are coming up so kindly stay tune and do pray for it, cause it'll be a new big step I'm taking can you guess what is it? For now that's it I'll write to you again soon. 

Love, Stevie 

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