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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Today I will share my reviews on Japanese snacks from Hokkaido that my dad got me (He knows  best how to spoil his little girl). My dad came back from his visit to Hokkaido last month and I landed up having a huge heap of snacks wondering which box I should open first. Japanese snacks are super cute and well packaged. Everything is either wrapped or boxed beautifully. Well with no further adieu, let's start with the reviews. 

LOOK AT THOSE SUSHI! When I first saw the packaging I fell head over heals for them, aren't they cute? They look like normal sushi right? but they're rice crackers. These crackers are wrapped into plastic of sushi representing the cracker I suppose, there are salmon, tuna, uni, octopus, unagi sushi etc. As for the taste they're normal nothing special about them.However some crackers do have a slight taste of wasabi in them which gives a mild spicy flavour.     

Strawberry Chocolate Ball by Rokkatei
I am a great fan of strawberry and I'm happy to know this chocolate contain strawberry in them. I got both the milk chocolate and dark chocolate, however I find the milk chocolate too sweet and I personally prefer the dark chocolate one. Each ball contains frozen strawberry, even though its frozen the strawberry still has the taste of its fruit making it the perfect match for the chocolate ball.  

Matcha Choco Daifuku and Ichigo Choco Daifuku
Matcha Choco Daifuku
"Daifukumochi, or Daifuku, is a Japanese confection consisting of a small round mochi stuffed with sweet filling." As for these two they are mochi stuffed with white chocolate, they're sweet and kind of addictive. Once I started eating I can't stop picking up another. I prefer storing them in the fridge prior to eating so that the chocolate inside freeze and eat them cold but either way they're both very delicious. 

Sapporo Fine Beer Jelly Chocolate, this one also contain some alcohol in it. Even though i'm not a fan of drinks or alcohol but I like it when food contain them. They kind of make the whole flavour to taste super good. I like how the smell of the alcohol/ beer fusing into the chocolate. They're like peanut butter and jelly, the perfect two! They make the taste super nice. This is one of my favourite from all the chocolates. 

Shiroi Koibito” is a popular souvenir from Hokkaido, it consisted of a biscuit and a chocolate in the middle. It's very soft when you bite on it and it literally melt in your mouth. I love this biscuit cause it's not super sweet but it has the right flavour of sweetness. 

When we relate Kit-Kat and Japan we can always find different variants of Kit-Kat flavours. Some are hardly available outside Japan. This time I got to try the Kit-Kat Sake and Kit-Kat premium mint flavours. The Kit-Kat sake has a very unique packaging, it looked like a packaging of a sake drink but when you open them you'll find small plastic of Kit-Kat sake chocolate. As for the flavours they're kind of sweet and have a strong scent of sake since it contain 0.8% alcohol. The alcohol contain is pretty low but the scent and flavour is quiet dominant. On the other hand the Kit-Kat Premium mint taste like normal mint chocolate I can't find any difference and it's kind of not my forte. Mint has never succeeded in appealing me, I only like mint in my mojito hahaha.

After all the sweets and Chocolates let's move on to the savoury snack. The packaging said it all, its the king crab cracker, Hokkaido is well known for it's king crab therefore I guess why this snack is in the heap of snack souvenir I got. It has a strong ocean smell, slight taste of crab and is quite savoury. However I find the a taste of this cracker mediocre and doesn't make me feel like I want another piece. 

Last but not least RAMEN !!! I still haven't got a chance to try all of them but I've tried the one on the bottom right the one with the noodle image on. This one despite of its normal packaging compared to the others has a pleasant taste, I love how the broth taste. It tasted quite rich but not overwhelming and kind of have a salty soup base which tasted just right. The noodle is also super soft and doesn't turn soggy easily. 

So that sums up my review on some of the snacks I got from Hokkaido. Hopefully you had a pleasant time reading it and may the information be useful for those who'd like to decide on what to buy from their trip in Hokkaido. All the reviews about the product here are based on my personal experience and preferences. 


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  1. Omg those "sushi" rice crackers 😍😍 cute banget sampe kaya gatega makannya hihi

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