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Monday, January 08, 2018

Hello, How's holidays? Are you ready or already back to work? Hope whatever it is you're having a great day! Today I have a new post to share with you guys its about this new cushion I got from Lapalette Beauty "Double Mesh Blur Pact". K beauty are highly linked with cushion product because its where all the hype started. Cushion foundations or base makeup products are made to ease the whole makeup process by creating a flawless base makeup with just one product. As now the innovations have continued to grow there are millions of cushion products in the market and now even the Western brands have started to create cushion product as well. 

I find cushion foundation or makeup base product a game changer in getting the makeup ready quickly because usually a single cushion product can already have primer, base and even sunscreen in a single product thus for busy on the go ladies cushion is the best fit to get their makeup done quickly yet effectively. So back to the Lapalette Beauty Double Mesh Blur Pact, this product comes in a cushion form and it has two different shade no. 21 (lightest shade for fair skin) and no. 23 (Natural shade for slightly darker skin). Too bad they only have two shade variations but you don't have to worry much because I realize that the product to blend into your skin tone once it set so the natural one no. 23 will work for most skin tone in general except if you have tanner skin compared to most Asian. Well cause Lapalette Beauty is a Korean brand  so their choices of shades reflect to the demand in Korea. In Korea its somehow a trend for them to like lighter base makeup compared to their actual skin tone which isn't something I savvy but its the general preferences of makeup in Korea. However I do like products that can give a brightening effect or make my skin glow but not to the extend that the shade is too light compared to my skin tone. 

I got mine in the shade no. 21 because previously I've tried getting a K-beauty cushion product of a different brand in the shade no. 23 but it turned out too dark so from then on I've also chose no. 21 because it blends in better with my natural skin tone. 

The product also comes with a plastic separation for the place to put the puff this is to maintain the hygiene of the product after every use. Overall the packaging looks cute, classy and definitely luxurious. It is also very compact and effective! 
Hands down for the packaging it is beyond cute!! I'm a lover of cute packaging and packaging also playa huge part on whether or not to pick up a certain item from the counter. Lapalette Beauty did a great job in designing their packaging look at how cute is this Olive Buckingham? I bet you're in love with the packaging as much as I do. Aside from this packaging they also have three other designs Most Pink Leather, White City Horse, and Zebra that aren't any less cute. Each design has their own distinct style and it will suite different individuals characteristic. Check out more about the packaging designs at my Charis store.
The product details and information regarding the cushion at the back of the packaging. 
Another cuteness is their cushion puff.. Just look at those horse/pony illustration prints on the puff :) 
You'll need to remove the seal to see the actual product! The seal is to make sure the hygiene of the product. 
In terms of formula this lapalette Cushion has a light to medium coverage but the consistency is pretty good and you can easily build it up as per your need. It has a satin finish on the skin giving your skin that healthy Korean look instantly. The product also come in spa 50 +/PA+++ which will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.This cushion is said to have all the following features that works not only as a makeup but also semi skin care kind of product with its formula:
Clear smooth looking skin with its double mesh fabric 
-Double mesh gold fabric helps you to get an even layer of product on your skin thus giving you a natural finish
-Fitting pact its because the product fit in just right without any clumping
- Clean pact as the double mesh protects the actual content from being physically touched every time you pump the cushion this will help to preserve the product
-The formula also contain pearl which will help to create the perfect ultra glow
Contains moisturizing Birch Water
Contains patented ingredients to improve skin texture 
Contain no artificial fragrance! It has 6 essential natural fragrances  

The cushion gives a natural, healthy glowly finish on the skin. Just the right fit for an everyday wear base or cushion product. It also contains no artificial fragrance!! ( which is great especially if you have sensitive skin because usually artificial fragrance can irritate your skin?) It is also by far the prettiest cushion I ever own ❤ still falling in love with it every time I look at it. Well the most important is it doesn't break me out and irritate my skin. The finish is also not clumpy or cakey which something I love because as much as I love high coverage base/ foundation products but they kind of end up looking cakey over the times therefore I've always preferred lighter formula base makeup which are buildable. 

Where to buy?

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That's all for my La palette Cushion review, thank you for reading and I'll see next time! 

Love, Stevie 

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