[Review] Mavala: Double Lash

Monday, January 29, 2018

Hello loves, 
I guess everyone love long, voluminous and healthy lashes that's why we tend to get lash extensions or all the other lash treatments to get them all set cause its no secret that lashes do play a huge role in making the whole face look much more awake. However we often neglect the importance to take care  of the wellness of our lashes. We often love the results by lash extensions that we don't give the lash any rest and keep on doing it continuously without knowing that it can actually harm your own lashes  and may lead to baldness in your lashes. 

So today I'll share with you guys something that I've been trying out for almost a whole month that is this Mavala - Double Lash. This product is said to be able to nourish the lashes and help it to grow longer, fuller and stronger. It has also been one of Mavala best selling eye product, the product comes in a container like a nail polish and the product is a clear transparent serum. The applicator looks like the usual mascara wand that helps to reach out to ever strand of lashes. The applicator makes the whole application process simple and hustle free. They said that to see the actual result you need to use it regularly for at least 30 days to obtain first results. 
Direction of use: Apply a thin layer of the product on your lashes as per shown on the image above. I usually like to layer two coats over my lashes. Just slowly brush the applicator over your lash and viola you're done. 
Upon trying out the products for about a month (on, off) I do realize that my lashes look longer and fuller. I'm not so sure if there is a drastic change but I do notice the little changes over the times I used it. I usually used it once daily at the end, after completing my night skincare routine. The best part is there are a few spares areas on my lashes due to previous lash extensions which makes it look a bit bald in the area but now the previously bald space is slowly showing newly grown lashes. So far the product has shown favorable changes although not drastic but slow but sure progress is seen. My lashes seem to grow healthier and stronger thus longer and look fuller as well. At first I was kind of afraid to try it because I fear it might irritate my eyes cause I tend to have a sensitive skin in general but I'm so happy that the product doesn't cause any irritation on the skin around my eyes although it can give a little tingling feeling after application. 

-Thickens eyelashes
-Helps grow back lost lashes 
-No scent
-Ophtalmologically tested thus safe for the eyes if the product gets into your eyes 

-Packaging looks like nail polish
-After application the product kind of make the lash feels a bit stiff like putting a clear transparent mascara over it 
This is how my lashes look like, some curled up part is due to my YUMI LASH treatment but as you can see my lashes look so much longer and full :) I'm so happy !

Rate: 4.5/5 
It's definitely worth the try ! 

Love, Stevie 

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  1. Haii cii aku Sesilia felicia (IG @sesiliaft) post tentang mavala ini yang paling aku suka. Dan sehabis baca ini aku jadi pengen nyobain mavalanya karna uda lama banget galau mau beli atau ngga. Jarang blogger membahas ini secara objektif. Dan setelah baca pos cici jadi mikir kalau bulu mata tu perlu di rawat juga. Love your post ciii!��

  2. Hi stevie, my name is anggun faulita, my instagram account is @fltsafitri_ , i think its really nice to read your review of this mavala double lash, really helpful so i can get more information about this mavala double lash, and also how you describe it is really nice, i really enjoying read the review, really detail, and also the best thing is not making me boring. Nice picture too. Well i hope you can choose me as a winner of your giveaway with clinique indonesia. Im going to be the happiest person if you can choose me. Thank you stive, keep doing amazing things ♥️


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