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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Sorella is all about inner beauty!  Being founded in 1974 in Taiwan, today Sorella is a brand well known in all parts of Southeast Asian countries without exception Indonesia. On 17 July 2018, Sorella hosted their Lingerie Trunk show at Skye showcasing their latest collection as well as a little sharing session with doctor and brand manager from Sorella discussing everything we need to know about Bra. As woman we should be aware with the importance of finding the right bra and inner wear for ourselves to be able to maintain our own health and wellness. The event starts by the talkshow sharing session and I really learnt a lot of new insights about breast care and bra. First of thank you Sorella for having me at this event:) Let me share some of the fun and informative information from this event with you here. Make sure to read till the end to see the latest collection from Sorella. 
All of us in white :) 
Sorella has been dedicated to support and raise awareness in women about breast cancer. Now its no longer taboo to talk or hare knowledge about breast cancer because apparently breast cancer has made it into the number one killing diseases in the world by WHO data. Which is stated that 1 among 8 women in developing countries are exposed to breast cancer but only few realized it in their early stage. Breast cancer might be deadly but if found at its early stage its something curable or has the high chance of living. Thus these days the breast cancer awareness is very important and as part of Sorella commitment they have supported the Breast cancer foundation to help raise awareness and knowledge to prevent breast cancer of the symptoms we should take note of. The easiest way to identify or check on ourselves is to actually practice the first step which is checking on your own self regularly and this step can be easily done at home or in shower. If you notice any slight changes or something odd go get help from doctor and get a further check up done to determine whether you're ill or not. Actually the main cause of breast cancer is still a mystery but the imbalance of hormone is one of the reason for it, so make sure to maintain a balance and healthy lifestyle to be able to maintain a proper hormone too. 

A few points discussed during the talk show that caught my attention were the statement from the doctor that the myth of wires on bra that caused breast cancer isn't scientifically proven thus its still considered a myth. He said that it might be the causes or change in hormonal issues that lead to breast cancer but it's not the wire that caused it. He also stetted the importance to use and wear your bra properly because improper usage of bra and bra size may lead to numerous serious health problems. 

The usage of the correct bra size and bra type is also very important to determine the health of our breast. It is said that the improper usage of bra may be the source of a lot of serious problems even back pain. Thus if you're doing sports make sure to use a proper sport bra as well as for those who need special care for breast feeding or maternity, choose the bra that supports your need and you'll feel comfortable in it. Using a proper bra is also a key to maintain an ideal breast shape because the bra helps to hold the breast in place giving it a better overall shape. 
Above are some of the Body Shaper collection from Body Contours and nightwear collections show cased during the trunk show. As for the Sorella Nightwear they are designed in soft comfortable material with "subtle sexy" designs which highlight femininity but not too vulgar. The materials for their nightwear are cotton, chiffon, satin and microfiber that will make your sleeping quality increase.
Sorealla three different styles or collections of Body Contour include:

- Secret Perfection : consist of bamboo charcoal ( Anti UV ray and Anti static) & nano liquefied titanium (breathable, anti bacterial,  dan anti odor) which is great for health. 
- Sensual curve : high-tech design, thin material that makes it comfortable for everyday wear but still manage to shape
- Inner Secret : comfortable material for daily wear, seamless, and consist of nano liquefied titanium that is good for health. 

The Body Contour bra set has several benefits or advantages which includes:

- It has a wider back and higher side that works to hold the breast and excess fat in place.
-Breathable cup with soft bra pad.
-3D wire (zero pressure wire) which follows the shape of your breast thus it will minimalist pressure on breast making it feel comfortable.

-Designed with laces to follow the ongoing trend.

Have you found your ideal bra in this collection? 
The whole invitation at the event :) Thanks Sorella for having us 
You can find all Sorella products from sleepwear, bra, panties etc at Sorella counters in department stores across Indonesia and now they are also available online. 
Thank you for reading! See you on my next post~

Love, Stevie 

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