Bazaar Art Jakarta 2018

Friday, August 03, 2018

Its finally time for Art Jakarta 2018!! I've been waiting for it all year :) 
If you've been with me on this journey you might have caught up with my previous visits to Art Jakarta on this blog too for the last two years. I'm personally just an art enthusiasts having very little knowledge on arts itself but I just find arts having a way to speak to us in different ways thus making it very therapeutic. Art is something beyond and that's while everyone perception of it might be different but in the midst of differences I find arts help to connect people and broaden our perspective of things. Can't imagine how quick time flies that its finally the 10th time Art Jakarta is being held. I'm so pleased to be able to attend the opening night and be among the first to experience the arts.  
Below I'll be sharing some of my personal favorites but I won't spoil too much, I would suggest you to go visit it if you have time. I'll be worth it and fun! At this exhibition you can enjoy not only local artists but also creations from International artists. 

Information you need to know before visiting Art Jakarta 2018:
- Admission fee Rp 50.000
- Open 2 Aug (VIP only), 3 Aug - 5 Aug (Open for public)
- Location Ballroom The Ritz-Carlton
- Appreciate arts and enjoy!

Here's a little tip to visit an art exhibition :) Have fun, take pictures and take time to appreciate the art itself. Be mindful, gentle and make sure not to touch or damage anything during your visit ! Wear comfortable footwear, this exhibition is huge and you'll get to see various arts installations here. 

Love, Stevie 

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  1. OMG! So awesome! Bagus' ci foto nya. Aku penggemar seni juga. Biasanya klo aku melihat pasti lama sambil berpikir apa yg d rasakan saat membuat nya &mau dibikin kaya gimana. Klo ci Steviie bagaimana? Sayang aku tak bisa ke sana untuk liat. Maybe someday. Amin.
    Anyway aku Cindy & my IG account @michaela.cindy Salam kenal ya ci 😄

  2. Really like this statement "take time to appreciate the art itself"
    Thx cistev for your beautifull pict, really wanna go there ❤
    Ig account : mutialfa


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