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Monday, January 21, 2019

Hello loves, I'm back with a new post that I'm excited to share with you guys which is this recently launched new brand called COLLECTION with their Kiss Proof Lip Stains. COLLECTION is a brand from UK based brand and it has recently entered our local market. Today in this post I'll share about their Kiss Proof Lip Stains and let's see if its a hit or a flop. Are you excited? Without further ado let's begin shall we~  
COLLECTION Kiss Proof Lip Stains have a total of 7 shades varieties: (01) Rosy, (02) Indiana, (03) Fuchsia, (04) Reddish, (05) Sienna, (06) Violetta and (07) Corale.    
Can you guess which are my favorite shades? Their lip stain has the undertone of pink, red and orange which you can choose based on your likings. (01) Rosy, (03) Fuchsia, and (06) Violetta have pink undertone, while (02) Indiana is more of a coral peach shade , (04) Reddish is red, (05) Sienna and (07) Corale have orange undertone. 

Textures & Formula 
COLLECTION Kiss Proof Lip Stains have a sheer, water like texture that glides on smoothly on your lips. At first I was a bit worried if the product would be drying for the lips since some lip stain or lip tint tend to be drying but guess what their product isn't drying at all. This is made possible with the vitamin E ingredient in the lip stain that moisturizes your lips. The color is highly pigmented and long lasting, gives you a natural popsicle effect. Awesome staining but you can use makeup remover to remove them. 
My two favorite shades are (02) Indiana and (03) Fuchsia. As seen on the Image above I've used both of them to create a gradient lips. Really liking the smooth, juicy, healthy effect on my lips after applying this lip stain. However once it dries off the glow much subside but you'll still have a beautiful stain on your lips. 
Now let's see all the beautiful lip stains color as I've swatch them all for you :) 

Shades Variants 
Kiss Proof Lip Stain 01 - Rosy

Kiss Proof Lip Stain 02 - Indiana 

Kiss Proof Lip Stain 03 - Fuchsia 

Kiss Proof Lip Stain 04 - Reddish

Kiss Proof Lip Stain 05 - Sienna

Kiss Proof Lip Stain 06 - Violetta

Kiss Proof Lip Stain 07 - Corale 


The packaging of the lip stain is also very practical and looks simply chic. You can easily differentiate the different shades of the Kiss Proof Lip Stains from the packaging since they have a transparent packaging which is see through to the product. The wand also helps to make the application much easier. They also come in a handy size that you can easily put in your makeup pouch or bag whenever you travel.   

Transfer proof / Kiss proof Challenge 
Just like its name Kiss proof, let's take up this challenge and see whether the lip stain transfers or not? I'm doing a three stage challenge first at the back of my palm, tea cup and tissue which you can see in this video I created. And guess what? The product does lives up to its name. It's totally kiss proof and I don't see even a single hint of transfer. I was so impressed by the staining power of this lip stain by COLLECTION  it will make the perfect option to pick if you're the lazy one, who don't do touch up just like myself this lip stain by collection will save you a lot of hustle. 

Complete Swatches

Overall I do like their Kiss Proof lip stain since they do live up to their name which is totally kiss proof once they have completely dried off on the lips. However their colors do pay off very well so if you're not into a full lips I would recommend you to use it as a gradient lips. Once they launch, don't forget to grab yours and try them out the awesome staining of their Kiss Proof Lip Stain. 
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Love, Stevie 

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