Value What Matters !

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Putting too much weigh in everything will eventually drain you. Understand that every one is blessed in their own ways, each blessed with their own talent and ability. However I don't agree with the saying that "you get it easy" to be frank living is never easy. It's a never ending process of learning and self discovery. Learning is never easy, just like how we used to find studying burdensome but that's life you'll find some subject easy while some needs extra effort. 

Those who would point fingers at you saying "you're lucky", "you just got it easy" etc.. often forgo the long process and effort behind every result because people these days tend to love results more than the process right? Who doesn't tho~ You can't blame them because that's how toxic our surrounding has become, we're often too blinded to see everything as a competition and everyone as a competitor while continuously comparing ourself with others. For the matter of fact the only competition we truly have is with our own self :') sad but true its very difficult to find those who'll genuinely smile and celebrate your happiness, some might question how you got there, while others are simply mad that you make it.

Over the time I learn that not everything and everyone should be how I perceive how they should be, because living means there are uncountable choices and mine may not be right. All that matter won't really question you and you can actually feel their endless support  and love without even trying its just there. Therefore value what matter, one thing I learn over the years is not everything is worth your attention and time. You're simply wasting time if your main goal is to be better than another, that's where you get things wrong! If you can't stop this mindset you'll bind yourself in the prison and torture of your own demon. Stop the voice and learn to outgrow that demon in you, the competition is never about anything external, it has always been what's inside. 
Style Details
Beret: Cottonologie
Sweater: Gaudi X Sanchia
Pants: Gaudi X Sanchia
Platform: Japan
Bag: Les Catino 
See inside you, search your soul and start counting your blessings while continuously expanding your talent. Working on yourself is the best investment one can make, I believe everyone has a higher calling and once you discover your talent and passion, it will eventually make you into a better person and you'll show light anywhere you go. In the process of self discovery one often fall but don't worry even though you fall and stumble, you'll have Him to hold you close. I once felt like I was in my deepest darkest moment and I see no way through but having faith and believing seems vain but I still did then suddenly magically I would say He open doors I never knew existed. Our God is loving and His love overflows even though we often neglect and discard His feelings. Ever since, I would look up and say I knew it was You all along.  

Love, Stevie 

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