Push your limits

Friday, February 15, 2019

Where should I begin? 
What should I deliver?
Have you ever thought that you've reached your maximum limit? 
It seems like, you can't go any further... But the truth is if you continue to push on, you might discover a whole new side of you.
 A potential which may lead to a whole new self discovery. 
It might be your true calling, it might be your purpose 
But if you stop trying you won't ever discover it
You'll continue to live a life that is safe

What does safe brings you? 
Does it bring you joy?
Does it spark the fire in you? 
I bet not! 

It's thrilling to actually discover your other self in the process of pushing yourself off your limit. You might think its the end, but the truth is it might be a whole beginning. 
You can't imagine how much you can actually bend and expand yourself till the moment you try. They say it always seems impossible until its done! The process might be bumpy, unpaved, rough but don't worry usually these roads lead to beautiful places. 
OOTD deets
❥Orange Tank - ATS The Label
❥Outer & pants - Cleody
❥ Transparent bag - Pomelo
❥ Transparent Hat
❥Heels - EveSeitch_ID
Here's a piece of me I'd like to share... It's been a while since I've poured out my thoughts, it's been crazy hectic but I'm more blessed to feel stressed about it. So now let the words flow~
Pushing myself off my limit is never easy
Deep down I still have my old self in me but today I learn to embrace myself more and not let my own demon win. 
Most of the time we're afraid to push forward because we're afraid of the outcome, we might worry its not perfect but that's life. Life's not meant to be perfect! It's meant to be a journey of continuous process. I understand that fear might start to interfere every time you want to push your limits; like fear of judgement, condemnation, and all the other negativity but our life is not about others. So why worry? Everyone is responsible for their own being, you can't never control how other's perceive you, not everyone will like you but its okay! It's okay to have fear but don't ever let it be a hinderance for you to push your limits because what you might discover ahead is way too valuable to forsake. 

For instance, this girl writing this post... Used to be a shy girl, she still is but her few years back might just sitting at the corner and is not able to express / speak up for herself. If you give me the option today, I might still choose to do the same because its safe. However the me today has discovered a lot of different perspective on life and self discovery along the way. She might not be perfect, she's still shy, she's still learning but she tries to go beyond! That leap of faith led her to a whole new world. It escalated not only her potential but totally changed her in person. Everyone has their own background and rough pasts but that shouldn't stop them from expanding. Just try! Take a step and the next one will be easier.. Just remember to keep the fire that sparks in you alive, push your limits and one day you'll see how far you've come. 

Love, Stevie 

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