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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Aloha my loves, Today I've prepared a new post to share my new review on this new local makeup brand called Y.O.U makeup. So happy that these days many new local brands are popping up :) This beauty industry is growing so rapidly, I'm glad to be able to take part in the whole process and see it grow. You makeup is a new makeup brand with a concept of "Modern Glam" and their product design and formula have been made to suit the beautiful Indonesian ladies skin tone. Following up with their tagline which is "Long- lasting Beauty" they want their products to be functional and long lasting too to make you look pretty and on point through out the day without worrying about retouching your makeup often. In the package from Y.O.U Makeup, I received four products consisting lipstick, eyeliner, dual eyebrow styler and eyeshadow palette.

Have any of you tried out their products before? This is actually my first time being introduced to this brand thus I'm very excited to try them out especially eyeshadow palette, I'm an avid collector for eyeshadow palette. Will share more on my experience trying out their products in this post so stay tune for it~   

Color Lip Matte Finished Lipstick #Kelly

This color lip matte lipstick has a very light texture and smooth formula that slides on smoothly on your lips. It also contain vitamin E that will moisturize and treat your lips to stay healthy. The lipstick is long lasting and highly pigmented making them last on your lips all day however I find that throughout the day the lipstick do glides off but evenly blends out with my lips making a beautiful effect on my lips but for you who'd love a fuller lips you can reapply it whenever you retouch have bold lips.Their matte lipstick also comes in 9 different shades. The color of mine is Kelly, it is so beautiful, with a coral kind of mauve making it perfect for everyday use to brighten up your look without looking too much. Although their formula is matte they don't feel dry at all and don't shrink into your lip lines which usually matte lipstick does. Their lipstick is also formulated to be long lasting with their water-proof, smudge-free and long lasting formulation. Packaging wise it looks so glam with its clean sleek design.
Price RP 69.000,00
Eyeshadow Palette - Nude

The eyeshadow palette caught my eyes since the first time I laid eyes on the products and guess what? It's totally a hit. I'm so impressed with the pigmentation of the eyeshadow and how vivid the colors come out even without an eyeshadow primer. Their eyeshadow is specially formulated to have high pigmentation and long lasting no wonder the colors come out so perfectly check out the swatches of this nude palette below. Each palette consist of 6 colors (3 matte and 3 shimmer) that makes it so versatile that you can simply mix and match accordingly to the events you are attending, you can also quickly change from a day eye makeup look to a glam eye makeup look with just this one palette.

Price RP 79.000,00 

Long Lasting Eyeliner
I personally feel eyeliner plays a huge role in eye makeup thus they need to be long lasting and smudge proof too. However for me it's kinda difficult to find a product that don't smudge even when they say so because my eyes tend to be watery but who I tried this eyeliner from Y.O.U apparently they stay on with a little smudge which is still tolerable due to my eyes condition. I tried to do another test by removing it with water and makeup remover I need to actually cover the area first to swipe it clean because at first when I try to rub on the eyeliner they won't budge. Love the thin tip that you can easily draw a precise eyeliner! The formula is made to be long lasting just like its tagline and waterproof. It also has a jet black dramatic black color that will make your eyes look more define.

Price RP 69.000,00

Dual Eyebrow Styler Pro Brow Definer

Their brow products are formulated to be waterproof and smudge free thus you can safely do all your daily activities and still have your brows in tack. The automatic formula of their brow definer is quick easy to use as they product is easily blend-able and you can create your natural looking brows that last all day. They come in three different shades option chocolate, dark brown, and charcoal grey. What I love is that it already has a brush at the end of the product so you can use it to blend it easily. The product also comes in a triangular shape to make it easier for us to style, frame and fill in the brows.
Price RP 65.000,00


Overall I'm liking their products and apparently I would say their products do have great quality. Their products are also very practical and easy to use too! Now let's talk about the price, although pricing is relative but I would consider their products are very affordable for the quality you'll receive. You can easily shop their products online through various e commerce marketplace, thus having an official store will eliminate the worry of purchasing counterfeit products. Packaging wise I would say they have a very simple yet classy packaging. 
All their products are available at: 
❤ Blibli.com
❤ Tokopedia
❤ Shopee

Kindly check out their social media pages too to get more information or promotion regarding Y.O.U Makeup❤ Website

❤  Instagram  
❤ Facebook
Guess that's all from my review, hope you enjoy it ! I'll see you next time

Love, Stevie 

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