[Style]: Airport Fashion Outfit Ideas

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Summer holidays ahead ! have you planned out your outfit yet? Well before that here's a little airport outfit ideas I have prepared for you. Especially during long flights wearing the comfiest outfit is a must but in this post I share three different look you can try to look stylish yet comfy for your flight, great if you have some layover times too ! Pulling off a comfy outfit look but not look like a hobo is a bit tricky but I got it covered for you.

I personally am more towards the comfortable type if I have to choose between being stylish or comfy when it comes to airport fashion. However why choose when you can do both stylish and comfy! Featuring some of the pieces I got from Femme Luxe , wanna get the pieces I featured in this post? Just head over to their web store. 
Now let's begin shall we?

Dusky Pink With White Stripe Lounge Wear Set - Lexi
This matching lounge set is my current favorite because it comes with a hoodie that will come handy to keep you warm throughout your whole traveling journey between flights and airports. Loving the blush pink color too ! 

Khaki Crop Jumper Loungewear Set - Deanna
This is another matching lounge wear but this once comes with a crop top, very comfy too but If you want to stay warm and not too revealing you can wear a tank top on the inside like what I did to avoid my belly from showing. The khaki color makes it look more poise and chic. 

Black High Shine Vinyl PU Trousers
When you're feeling a bit more fun try this loose top and shiny Vinyl PU trousers it'll make you rock your whole runway up to your flight. I bet all eyes will stuck on you but don't worry make their stare worthwhile. Throw in some red lips to add up the Hollywood vibe. Although the pants might seem a bit too eye catching but they're actually very comfortable and warm too, combining with a loose oversized top will ensure you look chic and comfy throughout your whole journey and you don't have to mind about your food belly too :D
Which look is your favorite? I personally feel all three has a different story to tell and that's the art of styling, you can mix and match to get a different look. Whether you're edgy or sweet, I would recommend you to wear something you're comfortable in especially during long flights :) Happy holidays guys ! 

Love, Stevie 

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