[Review]: Ellips Hair Vitamins for Smooth and Healthier glowing Hair

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Have you wondered why hair vitamins are essential for hair care? Well the answer is simple, especially for us who love to style our hair daily with heat hair styling tools or even hair dryer makes our hair becomes damage, dry, rusty and dull looking. Since these heat from these hair styling tools can damage our hair thus hair vitamins are very much needed. Today I'll be reviewing the whole range of Ellips Hair Vitamins. These hair vitamins are not new cause I've actually been an avid users long since my high school days because their price tag are pocket friendly and their hair vitamins really help to nourish my hair. That's why now I'm even more excited to share this information with you guys since not many people are aware that hair vitamins are actually essential for the health of our hair. 

Hair styling is very important for me because I feel my hair is just as important as makeup a good hair will eventually boost my confident and make my day a lot happier. That's why I always find it necessary to style my hair that means my hair is exposed to the heat from the styling tools every single day as I used curling iron everyday to curl my hair. So you can imagine how sad my hair would be, if they could talk my hair might be complaining already about their dry and rusty condition.To top it off I also love to color my hair which eventually damage my hair even more, that's why my hair do have split ends too :'( so sad but its true ! Since then I've been more aware about the importance of hair vitamins for my hair, even using pre heat hair product don't really solve the issue they only help to protect but hair vitamins work deeper into the hair tissue and help the hair to be healthier from the inside. 

Do you know that actually our hair consist Keratin protein? which eventually becomes damaged due to our daily  hairstyling activities with heat hairstyling tools and chemicals we apply on our hair  such as perming, hair drying, bleaching etc. Thus Ellips hair vitamin contains Pro-Keratin Complex which is their main ingredient to help our hair repair itself with the Keratin protein thus resulting in healthier, smooth and glowing hair which is easy to style and frizzy free. They also claim to be able to make our hair 2x smoother and healthier. Ellips Hair Vitamins come in two different sizes jar and blister, which can be easily found at your nearest supermarket or drug stores. 

Different Varieties 

Ellips Hair Vitamin Pro Keratin consist of three active ingredients: 
 - Pro Vitamin B5 moisturizes and makes our hair glow while repairing our damaged hair 
- Keratin E that provides Protein intake to improve hair structure and repair damage hair
-  Multivitamin Complex to treat and protect our hair from hairstyling tool heat and also ensure our hair would shine healthy glow
Ellips Hair Vitamin - Silky Black (black) consist of candlenut (Kemiri)  and aloe vera oil which is suitable to result in shining black hair.
Ellips Hair Vitamin - Hair Repair (pink) consist of jojoba oil suitable for those with dry and damaged hair.
Ellips Hair Vitamin - Smooth & Silky (yellow) consist aloe vera oil to create a healthy glowing hair.
Direction of Use 
The hair vitamin comes in these small capsules which contain oil that'll penetrate quickly into our hair once applied. It's recommended to use it on half dried/ damp hair and focus only on the branch to the end of your hair and try to avoid your scalp. This is recommended because if you try using it on dry hair then it'll be more difficult for the product to absorb thus resulting in greasy oily looking hair. Make sure to use it properly so you won't have to experience damp, greasy looking hair. I usually like to apply on my damp hair straight after washing my hair and then continue to dry it with hair dryer then style my hair with curling iron. Always feel my hair would glow and look healthier every time I apply a hair vitamin prior to it compared to days when I skip this step. 
One capsule is enough for the entire hair and their texture is oil since its one of their main ingredients. 
The instructions are listed at the back of the packaging 
My favorite is the pink one since I feel it really help my rusty, dry hair although it can feel a bit thick and greasy on the hair but I do like the result from this hair vitamin. After they're fully absorbs into the hair you'll no longer feel its greasy or oily and you'll see your healthy hair glow.  

So have you tried them before? Share with me your experience if you've tried them before in the comment section below. P.s. Would love to read your experiences too! For more information do check out their social media pages IG @Ellips_Haircare and FB : ellipshaircare.indonesia . Thank you for reading, I'll see you soon~

Love, Stevie 

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