[Review]: Garnier - Sakura White Skincare

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Hello loves, Are you one of those girls who dream of having a bright and radiant looking skin ? If the answer is yes, then you're landing on the right page cause I have a range of product I'd like to introduce to you guys its this Garnier - Sakura White Skincare. This whole skincare range from Garner Sakura White is meant to help achieve a bright, radiant and glowing complexion. 

Especially on days like this where some might have just gotten back from their holidays, you might feel your skin might get a bit dull due to all the long fun days you've spent under the sun during your holidays. Now its time to get rid of all those dull looking skin with this new Sakura White that will help your skin to regenerate and protect your skin from any skin destruction that might happen due to all the harmful Sun rays.  

This range consist of three products Sakura White: Pinkish Radiance Essence Lotion , Pinkish Radiance Ultimate Serum and Whitening Serum Cream. All these products are dermatologically tested and designed for Asian Skin. Having a tagline of #ShowYourGlow Garner is confident that this skincare line can help to look more pinkish radiant and brighten up skin complexion up to 60% after 4 weeks of use. Formulated with Japanese Sakura extract and hyaluronic acid this new Sakura white range can help our skin to look pinkish radiant even without makeup, diminish the visibility of pores and brighten up dull looking skin. Without further ado let's begin my review shall we? 

Sakura White - Pinkish Radiance Essence Lotion 
The essence has a water like formula which glides in smoothly onto the skin. Upon using I could feel my skin looks so much more refreshed, hydrated and smooth. The only downside I don't like is it has a pretty strong scent. For those with sensitive skin you might want to do a patch test before using it but for me personally after giving it a try for quite sometimes I would say I doesn't cause any irritation or so but I would like it better if its not too scented. However they are actually already dermatologically tested, that means they should be pretty safe. The Sakura extract is believed to help boost the radiant skin and makes your skin look glowing.  

Sakura White - Pinkish Radiance Ultimate Serum
This is the star from all the three products, its my personal favorite. This serum contain 5000 whitening capsules that will help to boost 5 dimensions of your skin like more pinkish radiance, more transparent skin, shooter, even skin tone and bouncier & plumper skin. Upon usage the tiny capsule particles dissolve and make your skin feel plump and supple. Love that it also help to even out skin tone cause for me personally that's also my major skin concern due to discoloration caused by acne scars. A tiny pump goes a long way and I would usually use it after the essence.  

Sakura White - Whitening Serum Cream
It has a thick consistency which will work well for those with normal and dry skin but for me with combination skin this cream seems to be a bit too thick and heavy for my skin. Since my skin is more suitable with water based or gel based moisturizer. Aside from that the cream does really well in moisturizing the skin which also instantly boost and make my skin look more radiant even before makeup. This serum cream also contain 5x Japanese Sakura extract together with other brightening vitamins which are proven to be effective to help create a radiant, glowing skin. I like that they contain SPF 21/ PA+++ which will give protection for our skin and the best part is there's no white cast so its perfect for a base before makeup too. This cream is said to be able to brighten up skin complexion with a consistent use of 4 weeks you'll see visible change. As for myself I've seen that the cream helps to boost and make my skin look more radiant and supple. I would usually use this after the essence and serum to seal off all the moisture. 

After giving it a try for a good one week, I could see my skin look much more pink radiant even without makeup. The best part is always to feel confident in our own skin and this Sakura White skincare range do help me achieve that. My skin look way more supple, healthy and bright , while helping me to fade out my discoloration caused by my past acne scars.My favorite of the three is the essence lotion since it really hydrates and absorbs very quickly into my skin!  

Have you tried them? If not go give them a try :) Cheers to a radiant and bright looking skin ! Now its not just a dream but everyone can achieve it with this new Garnier Sakura White skincare range which you can easily find at your nearest drugstore or supermarket or online at Sociolla and don't forget to quote 'SBNLAHWU' to get 50k off your purchases :) Thank you for reading, I'll see you soon ! 

Love, Stevie 

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