Make Over: Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion

Friday, July 05, 2019

Hello loves, I've been super excited to share this post with you guys! Can't contain my excitement because Make Over finally launched their very first cushion called Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion !!! Still in their Powerstay line this cushion is made to cater to those who are always on the go and need a compact cushion that are long lasting and have great coverage. I am so happy to be part of the first few people to try out this cushion during their launching event. Well without further ado lets dive into my review on this cushion shall we? 
Are you more of a cushion or foundation person? If you ask me, I would choose cushion because on daily basis I find cushion is a lot more compact and practical to use especially if you're always on the go. I would opt for foundation if I have a big event or need a long lasting makeup look but for daily use, cushion is enough.  
Who can resist the huge photo wall :)

First, lets discuss about this Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion. What was your first impression when you see this cushion ? My first impression was so classy and sleek ! They come in this full black color packaging which makes it look edgy too. Just the usual cushion size which you can easily pop into your bag and carry with you everywhere.
Next is another highlight about this product that you guys need to know is their puff. They are Polycell puff which are antibacterial and waterproof so you don't have to worry if the puff is eating / absorbing too much product. This was actually tested during their launching they cut off a puff and there is no residue of the product at all at the inner center part of the puff.  
How the Cushion Look on the inside
Aside from the cushion they also launch three different concealers that really works well together with the cushion. I tried using them together and I'm totally sold ! The coverage was amazing, but try not to use too much user the eye area to avoid creasing and cracks. But overall I think the concealer compliment the cushion. They are a great combo! 
Powerstay Total Cover Liquid Concealers : 3 different shades  
6 lovely Swatches which is perfect for Indonesian Skintone. Mine is N10 - Marble 
All the 6 different shades of the Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion
In terms of the texture and formula I'm totally pleased and could say I fell in love at my first try. Why? Because it took me by surprise the coverage is bomb ! It has medium to high coverage which means a little goes a long way and its definitely buildable. They also come up with a Demi matte formula which is not completely matte and not too wet. Make Over want to be the answer for those who've been wanting a product that is not too matte and drying and not too dewy which might be to oily for us especially living in Tropical country so they come up with this Demi matte formula which gives off a semi matte finish while you can still have that subtle glow on your skin. 
My experience with this product has made me love it even more, upon application it might look a bit fair for my skin but once it set it just blends in with my skin tone. I really like their Demi matte formula as it helps to keep my makeup look in place for a whole day and I actually like how it look once it blends in with my natural oil. 
This Make Over cushion also contain SPF 50 PA ++++ thus it'll be enough to protect our skin from the harmful rays. Not only that they also claim have ingredient that will balance oil, moisturize our skin and protect our skin. The formula is also very light and skin like although I would say their coverage is pretty amazing! 
Overall I love this new cushion from Make Over, looking for a great everyday cushion give this one a try. Test it yourself and see if you'd love it as much as I do. 

Interested to try? I would suggest you not to think too long, don't wait till they're out of stock guys. You can find them online at Sociolla for Rp 215 000 which is still considerably pretty affordable and don't forget to quote 'SBNLAHWU' to get 50k off your purchases :)  Thank you for reading, I'll see you soon ! 

Love, Stevie 

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