[Event]: Bio Essence Relaunching + Bio Bounce Product Review

Monday, August 12, 2019

Hello Beautiful people, I'm back with a new post from my latest event with Bio Essence. Have you heard of Bio Essence before? They've actually launched in Indonesia a few years back and I am one of their loyal customers ever since. However at this event they have just relaunched Bio Essence again while offering a broader range of skincare lines each with its own distinct purposes to cater to different skin needs. 

Hoping on with a brief introduction on Bio Essence, it is a skincare brand from  Singapore and has become one of the leading and best selling skincare brand in both Singapore and Malaysia. Bio Essence are designed to cater to Asian skin to bring the best skin care with Bio energy and rare natural ingredients like (birds nest, royal jelly, etc.). 
My Bio Bounce Team :)
The event started with an opening speech from the representatives of both Bio Essence and Beauty journal to celebrate the relaunching celebration. Afterwards we moved on to the next fun session which is the activities where we are all divided into groups to do the activities which include painting, decorating candles, flower decor , making cards, etc. Now come the fun part which is shopping spree at Guardian. Can you guess my purchases? Been so excited to try out their Bio Bounce series because they're formulated with bird's nest as their main ingredient which is very well known to be beneficial for our body even if consumed thus I'm curious how the product will work on my skin. 
Bio Bounce product line includes 5 product range: Bio Bounce Collagen Cleanser, Bio Bounce Collagen Skin Enhancer, Bio Bounce Collagen Essence, Bio Bounce Collagen Essence Cream and Bio Bounce Collagen Night Mask. 

Can't help but restock my favorite exfoliator of all time the Bio Renew deep exfoliating gel. It's one of my favorite because its so gentle yet works amazingly to deep cleanse all the junks and dead skin cell on my skin. 

Among the products that I've purchased during the shopping spree I got two Bio Bounce products which caught my attention its the Bio Bounce Collagen Essence and Bio Bounce Collagen Essence Cream. Let me give you a brief overview on the products upon trying them for a while now. 

Bio Bounce Collagen Essence
The reason why I chose the essence is they are so light in formula but when the product absorbs into the skin I could feel my skin feeling cool and supple instantly. The Bio energy complex in the product helps to boost my collagen in my skin making them supple and well nourished. The best part is it absorbs quickly and is not greasy. The product itself also contain collagen and moisturizer that will help to maintain skin elasticity. 
 Bio Bounce Collagen Essence Cream
Next is the Bio Bounce Collagen Essence Cream, the product might look heavy and thick but it came to surprise me once I tried it. It's formula is creamy but lightweight on my skin. Helps to moisturize and keep my skin hydrated. Formulated with Bird's Nest Extract, Hydrolized Collagen and Whitening Peptides it nourishes the skin and help to keep it elastic and radiant looking. It can also help to fight off the early sign of aging. It makes a great day moisturizer since its light and absorbs quickly into the skin. 
You can now find and purchase Bio essence at your nearest drug stores or online at Sociolla. If you're excited to give Bio Essence products a try do purchase them through Sociolla and don't forget to quote "SBNLAHWU" before checking out to save 50k for min 250k purchases. Thank you for reading! Cheers to a great week :)

Love, Stevie 

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