Sunday, September 22, 2019

How are you? 
That's usually the beginning of most conversations, then it rang a bell to me.. How often we'd say "I'm fine, Thank you" Simply because its a preset reply our mind has created but are we really fine? 

Look deeper and then you'll notice sometime something is wrong with your heart. It may look normal on the outside but deep down something is off. Coming from my own personal experience I can easily say that your state of mind is your responsibility. No one owes you anything to make you feel less or more about yourself. You're the now giving them the power to mistreat you. Your mindset and your believe set the boundaries on how you're feeling. Writing this I know it through and through, that sometimes we often fall into the same pit of putting too much expectations to the external aspects of our life (e.g.: people, place, work etc.) which eventually leads to disappointment, heartbreak, emptiness, loneliness etc. The list can go on but you know what I mean, those negative feelings that will make you feel down and vulnerable. 

Well as human its okay to feel it, to face it and not run away from it. Those emotions that make you feel vulnerable about yourself is actually what makes you human. When those time comes, embrace yourself, make peace with your own demon and simply move forward. It's okey to rest and take a pause but remember to never stay where you are. You are created for your own personalized calling, each unique and none ever mixed up. Remember that from time to time train your mind to learn to listen to yourself, we often pay more attention to other people's opinion on us compared to ourself which most of the time is misleading. 
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Recently, I'm encountering a season where I have to say no to everything I wanted to say yes to. It's disheartening but I believe that the best is yet to come. Although its sad and during that time I was actually pretty angry with myself but I know everything happened for a reason, to teach me a lesson or may be its simply a wake up call from God telling me to rest. Most of the time I'm just so consumed with my work that I rarely have time to do things for leisure although I'm blessed with work that is something I love but when its work you'll always face those times where you feel less inspired, unproductive but you have to push on. I'm the girl that will always go a 110% to everything I do, I put my whole heart to it. I'm the one that's willing to go the extra miles simply because I love what I do and I want only the best outcome. Which eventually burns me out after sometimes but I don't mind beating myself as long as I got everything worked out. However my current condition has taught me to slow down a bit, to take everything one at a time. 

Then I came to a realization that it's great to show up for everyone who needs you, to do your best but sometime you'll have to ask yourself, are you fine? If you're not, just pause... Take a moment to rest, you may feel like your world is crumbling, you're falling behind but the truth is nothing will ever stop you from where you have to be. Whether its quick or slow, you'll eventually reach where you have to be because its simply there. All well prepared and set for you, no one can take it away, even if it seems like a closed door trust me that you just haven't seen what's behind the next door wide open for you.. 

Here's a little note to remind you that when times are hard, don't give up! You got it covered, you'll have to face your current situation or vulnerable state before hopping on to the next big thing prepared for you. You might not see it now, but what's meant to be will be. Just don't force it, let it flow as you move on and face life challenges with a big fat smile... Eventually as you rest you'll regain your energy and you'll be able to fight your own demons. No one is ever too little, small, ugly, dark, you're just never "too" you're just enough for you! 

Have a good day people! 

Love, Stevie 

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