Three Words, Eight Letters

Saturday, July 04, 2020

Today let's take a moment to discuss about LOVE. I've shared about some of it on my stories a few days ago yet I decided to put it all down here... For you guys my dearest reader as well as for myself. Have I told you how much I enjoyed writing but somehow throughout the process I kind of loose my touch on it but I'm not gonna give up on something that I cherish dearly and enjoy doing. Thus I'll try my best to be back on track and update my blog at least once a week, so If you happen stumble on anything that you love to do but it started to feel less interesting don't just leave and jump over to a new interest instead rest and start again. 

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Back to the topic of the three words, eight letters which could mean a lot and differently to different people. Some may think of LOVE as a need but I personally feel each and every one of us has that power to both give and feel love. One thing for sure is loving unconditionally is the best gift you could ever give to anyone, whether its a friend, family or your significant other. Don't love because of what they can give you, love because its your language of living. 

Not an expert in this field but learning through experiences I’ve felt love in different ways. Some are hard, some makes me laugh, some makes me cry, some are simply toxic. Love should be kind, patient and not judgmental. No, I’m not the most perfect human being. I have my flaws, mistakes and imperfections yet these qualities make me who I am. For me love is broad and in this context I don’t just mean love in the “romantic form” but Love applies for all. 

Have you ever hear the saying love your enemies? You can say its naif for someone to do so.. But living life I don’t see anyone as an enemy well at least from my side. We may disagree, have arguments, but that don’t have to mean we have to hate each other. There can never be someone who’s 100% perfect. Living means you’re continuously learning and in the process you’ll eventually get hurt or you might be the one hurting others intentionally or unintentionally. 

With that being said, I believe we can only hold on to LOVE. Let the patience of love be kind to us and people around us. Be so full of it that you’ll get rid of all the negativity around you. For me a peaceful state of mind starts with us, before I’ve ever been in the place where I blame others for what I went through, yet I discovered the issue is in me and not them. We can’t control others but we can control ourselves. So let go, and let love overflow all the other emotions that’s trying to drown you so you can learn to respect others. Find the break even and know LOVE means balance between loving yourself and others. Never lose yourself in the process. 

The word I Love You means so much more than the word itself, its about sacrifice, showing compassion, tolerance and willing to accommodate to the needs of others. It takes work and effort to make it not just words but meaningful actions. Saying it is easy but putting it into practice is the real challenge. When you encounter hard times and chose not to blame others but let love handle it with peace and kindness. Love sometimes make you blind and can't think properly but I believe Love is the key to all sort of problems we encounter daily, if we learn to silent our own ego and turn to love a lot of things will become much more beautiful.

Have you ever felt hurt? yet you still decide to love that person instead. I don't mean you have to force yourself in a toxic or hurting relationship or friendship. Find your peace and if it means being apart is what it takes then do it. Keep your distance but you can still love them from afar. Wish them well although the journey must go on without them. Love is kind and full of compassion that its able to do things you never thought you have the strength to do.When you look through the spectacle of life make sure love is in it. So you can be wise enough to love those around you. 

Love, Stevie 

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  1. When you find peace within yourself, you're going to find love in the universe. At least that what's happen to me. hehehe...

    btw my IG is : @mymemine_i

  2. Sangat amat terinspirasi dengan cerita ini. Aku seneng bngt ci bacanya. Memotivasi banget. Btw ci, aku salfok sama tas semangkanya 😁😁😁🀭😁... Love you

  3. Everywords beautiful kakπŸ’šπŸ’›

  4. Well, I have friends-foe in my current office. We used to bf, but work problem and some things makes us apart. We were 4, but sadly, my 1 old friend kinda join her to talk behind me. Its the worst experience for being stabbed, but I cant let myself take a revenge, bcause I dont wanna be like her. Just like you, i prefer to keep distance and still pray for her hope she gets better. Thankyou for sharing this, lets not be judgemental ♡
    IG: @Karlina.Karl

  5. Setuju Banget pandangan Ka Stevii tentang "THREE WORDS, EIGHT LETTERS" Cinta bisa memberikan dampak yang buruk /baik tergantung kita menyikapinya, menyenangkan/menyedihkan dan masih banyak lagi macamnya,tapi aku sekarang lagi di Fase Self Love, love my friend,love family, love sama hal2 yang bikin senang, tapi lagi ga di fase Love Person Karena Masih belum Pulih hatinya Karena Love. My Instagram : rismaoktavv

  6. Pengen jalan" jadinya liat blog kak Stevie huhu.
    Sehat terus ya kak, God bless you

  7. Aku ga pernah Pacaran haha, soalnya nyari yg click susah banget, tapi emang sih jatuh cinta itu ada senengnya ada ga senengnya


  8. Hi ci Stev, i totally agree with all the word. That's such a good word ci.

    Honestly, when i talking about love, it's remind me to my one of my best friend. I lost her last year. I feel so much hurt when i lost her because she betrayed me and we drifted apart.

    Dear you,
    I'll choose you even when you make me mad. My love for you will not fase simply because we angry. I know we will fight, we will be frustrated, we will not talk to each other for hours or days.
    When i'm with you, i act different. In a good way.
    I smile more and laugh more. I don't have to pretend everything okay when it's really not. I don't feel hurt and alone when i'm with you. Instead, i feel safe and loved. With you, i'm happy. Just because we don't talk anymore.
    Doesn't mean i've forgotten about you, it doesn't mean that i no longer care.

    Thank you for being my person. The person that i know i can rely on even if i feel like the world has turned on me. There will never be a day that goes by that i will not be grateful for you.
    Most of all, thank you for showing me that love still exists and for always sticking around when things get hard.

    I just miss your presence, i miss you being my best friend, i just miss you.

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful word ci Stevie. You are the best! πŸ€—❤️

    I will always choose you and keep choosing you every single day because i love you and will continue to love you even in the bas days that are ahead of us.

  9. Hai kak stev, back with me dea,aku mau lanjut sharing ttg percintaan aku wkwk, sebelum mengenal gebetan", aku pernah suka pertama kali sama cowo itu pas aku masih SMP, entah aku suka dia itu karna apa, aku gatau, yg penting suka aja gtu sama dia, emng bener sih suka sama orng itu ga pake alasan. Pas SMP aku suka sama dia itu aku Pendem sih, soalnya ya kali cewe ngomong suka sama cowo, tapi gada salahnya jga si kaya gtu, akunya aja yg gamau ngomong suka, gengsi lah ya haha.Terus rasa suka itu semakin gede tiap harinya, setiap hari ketemu bahkan kita sering satu kelompok bareng, tukar pikiran bareng masalah materi pelajaran, trs debat juga ttg perbedaan pendapat, jahil" an bareng, kejar" an bareng didalem kls wkwk, sampe ada temen aku yg bilang "wah Ben Dino tukaran gasue pacaran" artinya setiap hari berantem, galama lagi pacaran haha.walaupun dia care sama aku, tapi dia ga pernah deketin aku, deketin dalam konteks lebih dari temen, itu ga pernah. Sampe akhirnya pas kita kls 8 aku denger kabar kalo dia pacaran sama Kaka kls aku, pas itu hati aku patah,se patah" nya, bukannya lebay atau gmna, karna emng aku ngerasain suka sama orng pertama kali, dan berharap punya hubungan yg lebih dari temen sama orng itu, tapi dianya malah pacaran sma orng lain.Disitu aku ga nangis cuman apa ya sedih aja gtu,trs sampe akhirnya kita udah lulus, udah ga pernah ketemu lagi. Dan aku pas lulus itu berharap klo rasa suka itu perlahan bakalan ilang, seiring berjalannya waktu.Dan pas waktu masuk SMK aku pikir udah gada rasa lagikan sama dia, ternyata masih ada dong sampe sekarang, aku tau masih ada rasa sama dia dari setiap ada yg deketin aku atau nembak aku, aku selalu inget sama dia, padahal kita mantan aja bukan haha, aku pas suka sama dia itu crita sama Kaka aku, semuanya aku critain, sampe Kaka aku bilang gini, biarin aja dia sekarang dijaga dlu sama pacarnya, besonya sama kamu, pas kakaku bilang gtu, aku kaya berharap lagi dong, trs setiap doa malem sebelum tidur, aku selalu doa sama Tuhan, klo dia emng buat aku tolong deketin, tapi klo engga tolong jauhin.Udah deh dari stu aku cuman berserah sih sama Tuhan, biar kehendak Tuhan aja yg terjadi dalam hidup aku 😊.
    Thank you klo udah baca crita aku
    God bless you


  10. Love isn’t keeping a hostility but forgiving a mistake πŸ–€πŸ–€ -ig: dsutamiiii

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  12. they will know our love for them without us having to say i love you because an action is more important than just saying i love you, We can feel the flow of their affection towards us for the example my mother combing my hair or I laugh with my best friend or boyfriend text me "good morning love" what they do is based on love I can feel the warmth and love based on their actions πŸ₯°☺️
    "Actions speak louder than words".

    I am very grateful to give love to many people and I am surrounded by good people who love me too But to love has the risk of being hurt. My friend is afraid for starting a relationship again with someone he's afraid of being hurt because she has bad experience about love but its make us learn from the mistakes and be strong πŸ’ͺ🏻.
    Love never hurt anyone but our ego, emotion, or bad nature that make us hurt so from love we can improve our quality☺️
    "Love is the languange of the soul when it is not colored by emotion, ego, attachment"

    Btw.."Don't love because of what they can give you, love because it's your language of living." i love that one, so lovey and meaningful because Love is translated the same in everykind of dialect ❤️❤️

    Ps: honestly, i've been reading some of your articles on your blog for a long time and I mostly like your workπŸ’•
    To be honest i started to follow you on Instagram when I read some reviews about makeup and I really like your writing so muchh πŸ’•☺️ You put your heart on this blog and i can feel it ☺️.
    Btw your blog helps me to improve my English skill.
    thankyou steve !! keep it up !!!πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ”₯
    Instagram : anisashalec

  13. Kemarin bahas cinta tentang "romance". Sekarang aku bakalan share cinta yg aku dapat dari sahabat" aku. Kami (dalam maksud aku dan ke 7 sahabatku) bisa akhirnya barengan karna waktu dulu kelas 10nya sekelas sampe saat ini.Tapi pas kita sekelas ngga langsung bisa click gtu.Aku harus berkelana dengan circle" lainnya, tapi ternyata cocoknya baru sama mereka.Kalo di pikir "click" itu karena punya banyak kesamaa, menurutku justru bukan begitu.Menurutku click itu ya emang karna cocok aja. Dengan segala macam perbedaan dan kesamaan yang kalo digabungin tuh ga saling menolak. Dan gabisa juga diibarat in kaya puzzle. Teman itu bukan satu bagian yang hanya bisa click dengan satu bagian lainnya. Mungkin karna kami sadar dari awal kami sudah berbeda.Dari mulai ras, agama, ideologi, tujuan, selera musik, fashion, dan lainnya. kami jadi selalu ingin tau apa yang ada di kepala satu sama lain. Cinta yg aku dapet dari mereka bener" tulus, mereka selalu ngehargain keputusan apapun yang aku ambil.Ngga sampe situ, mereka juga dukung jalanku meski beda tujuan sama mereka.Banyak banget cerita, cinta, kasih sayang, dan pelajaran yang aku dapet setelah berteman dengan mereka. Aku harap semua orang, termasuk kak steviee juga dikelilingi orang dan hubungan yg baik seperti yang aku punya saat ini. God bless you ❤️


  14. Self love doesn’t mean you’re the smartest, most talented, and most beautiful person in the world. But, Self Love is definitely more important. Start from today, I promise to not to let my insecurities be the source of my unhappiness anymore. There are other problems that are more important than a stupid insecurity. There are so much things I have to be grateful for. I have amazing parents, amazing siblings, amazing friends who love me just the way I am and give so much care for me, and I couldn’t have asked for more πŸ’–

    Vera Timothea

  15. Love is something , something to do , something to say , and something to life .This article so nice. I like it

  16. Hi ci stevie, i really love your blog! I don't normally discuss about this but i think this is a great topic! Menurut aku when we talk about LOVE, it is so complicated karena pengertian tentang LOVE sendiri saja sudah cukup luas, bisa itu ketertarikan ataupun respect terhadap lawan jenis, kasih sayang,care, part of emotion, etc. Bagi aku, hidup ini akan hampa bila tanpa "LOVE" karena LOVE bukan hanya untuk lawan jenis/pasangan melainkan diri sendiri,family ataupun friends. Aku suka salah satu kalimat ci stevie diatas, which is " Don't love because what they can give you, love because its your language of living" i think this can be the quotd dan akan selalu kuingat quote ini! Now, aku lagi pengen sharing pengalaman aku tentang "LOVE" about relationship. I totally agree with you ci yang mengatakan bahwa saying " I love you" is easy but putting it into action gak semua orang bisa. I ever felt hurt twice but i still decide to love that person instead. Cowo pertama, cowo ini pernah menyatakan feelingnya ke aku dan aku juga punya perasaan yang sama and i think he is my first love sih. Dan kira-kira sebulan kemudian, i noticed dia tiba-tiba dekat banget sama my bestfriend daripada aku like sering gangguin dia gitu and then i asked him kamu suka sama cewe ini? Dia jawab aku dia gak suka dan cuma anggap dia kakaknya karena usia my bestfriend lebih tua daripada si cowo so i trusted him. Tapi makin lama aku rasa mereka semakin dekat dan aku rasa cowonya memang ada rasa sama my bestfriend. Dan stupid me aku tetap decided to love that person and still care sama dia, misalnya pas dia sakit, aku yang bantuin dia catat catatan atau minjemin atau kerjain pr dia (walaupun kelihatannya sederhana tapi cuma ini yang bisa aku lakuin dulu untuk nunjukkin aku care sama dia). Setelah kira-kira 2 bulan kemudian, si cowo akhirnya bilang dia uda ga suka sama aku dengan gampangnya and finally he and my bestfriend pdkt beneran. So, my first love experience agak suram. (to be continued in the next comment section below)

  17. (sambungan) Cowo kedua, cowo ini kakak kelas aku di kampus. Sikap dia terhadap aku buat aku baper seperti tawarin anterin pulang ke rumah, chat terus tiap hari. Dia punya 1 friend perempuan, di kampus aku sering lihat dia and this girl bareng terus cuma aku tetap positive thinking kalo mereka itu cuma temen. Suddenly setelah beberapa bulan kami dekat (idk dia menganggap ini lebih dari teman apa tidak, but action dia menurut aku begitu), one of my friend yang lebih dekat dengan girl ini told me that cowo ini ada suka sama salah satu temen kelasnya, and my friend gamau told me siapa cewe itu karena dia takut ga enak sama this "girl", dan aku langsung nebak si "girl" ini ga sih,and its true! Karena aku ga tahan,aku juga langsung tanya dia emang beneran? Kalo memang benar ya kita ga usah chat lagi,soalnya aku gak enak juga sama cewenya karena cewenya juga my senior di kampus and aku gamau punya masalah sama orang di kampus terus i also told him kalo memang beneran suka sama this "girl" ya fokus ke dia aja jangan deket sama aku juga. But dia bilang itu gak benar dan dia told me bahwa dia anggap aku lebih dari teman tapi ada hal yang belom bisa dia ungkapin,so i trusted him, dan setelah beberapa bulan kemudian lagi, another friend of mine told me again bahwa rumor itu benar, sebenarnya awalnya dia suka duluan sama this "girl" tapi this "girl" tidak memberikan respon yang baik and then i came deket sama dia,so dia jadi ragu mau chose this "girl" or me dan uda aku tanya langsung ke cowonya dan dia akhirnya membenarkan pernyataan ini. Aku pasti jadi negative thinking berarti selama ini just lets say dia cuma jadiin aku cadangan kalau memang this "girl" nantinya beneran tolak dia karena dia juga pernah bilang ada hal yang belom bisa dia ungkapin berarti ada sesuatu hal yang dia tunggu. Tapi akhir cerita setelah hmpir 1 stengah tahun kami dekat, i still decided to love him and kami sempat pacaran padahal orang di sekeliling aku semua ga ada yang setuju aku sama dia. But, selama pacaran aku jadi selalu curigaan sama dia karena di kelas dia selalu duduk bersebelahan sama this "girl" dan tetap dekat walaupun memang hubungan mereka cuma sekedar teman. I realized sih mungkin aku juga terlalu berlebihan,aku bukan orang yang perfect, aku juga make flaws tapi yang namanya perempuan pasti tingkat jealousnya tinggi apalagi si cowo pernah suka sama cewenya dan masa kuliah kami masih lama lagi karena jurusan kami masa studi nya 6-7 years jadi mereka pasti sering bertemu dan bersama. Jadi setelah kira-kira 8 bulan pacaran, in the end i finally gave up dan minta putus karena i learned something from my experience bahwa LOVE is about trust. Kalau dari awal uda ga "trust" satu sama lain, menurut aku uda susah untuk kedepannya. Tapi sebenarnya, hal ini menurut aku tergantung sudut pandangan masing-masing orang,kadang aku bisa berpikir si cowok ini juga ga salah karena LOVE itu ga ada yang salah, itu kebebasan masing-masing individu and i think it is just possible to love two different person at the same time. Tapi yang buat aku agak kecewa dimana i always try my best untuk dia sedangkan this "girl" uda pernah tolak dia, tapi dia seperti selalu menunggu "mana tau masih ada harapan". Last but not least, LOVE ga pernah salah tapi juga harus menggunakan akal sehat. Yang memang pantas dipertahankan ya pertahankan,kalau memang uda ga bisa pertahankan mendingan let it go dan relakan. Thankyou ci uda diberi kesempatan to share my experience!
    Btw, my IG account : fffinna


  18. Hello Stevie, thanks for give me a reminder what is love supposed to be. Well, I think the world now is full of competition. We sometimes forgot how to love someone or something unconditionally and just love people who give us benefits. One day, I think about this world is kinda lose its beauty. So difficult to find something genuine now, especially love. Then I did meditation to find my inner peace. To find myself again, remove toxic things in my head, to be a human again, accepting myself. Remembering how to be nice and kind to every soul in this world. I hope everyone will found their inner peace too and found theirselves again as human. Have a good day Stevie!
    IG : @catharinacin

  19. Heyo, good morning.
    Mungkin ini bakalan jadi last story yg bakal aku share di blog three words, eight letter.Mulai dari cerita tentang bagaimana aku memberikan cinta ke orang lain dan menerima cinta dari orang lain. Tapi dari semua perjalan cinta itu, satu hal yang aku dapet, sebelum memberi dan menerima cinta dari orang lain. Kita harus terlebih dulu cinta diri sendiri, ngga ada yang lebih sulit dan lebih berdampak positif selain memberikan cinta pada diri sendiri. Kita ngga musti pusing dengan kecacatan. Kita ngga harus bersusah payah menjadi yang paling luar biasa. Sebab pada dasarnya, cahaya yang lahir dari diri kita sudah bisa menjadi kekuatan untuk selalu merasa cukup.
    Aku, kamu, dan kita semua sudah cukup.
    Maka teruslah hidup. Hidup dengan baik, sebaik hati dan fikiranmu yang merasa cukup.❤️
    God bless you.


  20. Setuju banget sm Cici
    Aku orangnya introvert dan kadang negatif thinking 😭 dan bahkan dulu berfikir bahwa apa yang kamu lakukan ke orang pasti akan dibalas yg sama tapi sekarang mulai berfikir bahwa ngapain susah" yang penting gak peduli yg orang lakukan ke kita itu baik atau tidak setidaknya kita sudah melakukan yg terbaik

  21. I want to share a little about what love is in my opinion love is an unconditional commitment. As it has happened to me, I have been in my relationship for almost 3 years with my boyfriend, he once cheated, betrayed and many other bad things. But I still keep giving him a chance. When I asked myself why I kept giving him the opportunity, the answer is commitment. I chose him at first and I think there are all commitments that I have to take responsibility for. That is why I say love is an unconditional commitment, because love can be felt not thought so there is no definite limit to love. So, for me, no matter how bad I am hurt in a relationship, as long as keduanya masih mau mencoba dan berjuang bersama maka tidak akan ada selalu kesempatan. Mungkin bagi sebagian orang akan berpikir? loh, jadi kalo hubungan itu toxic gimana dong? kalo aku cuma tersakiti doang gimana dong? in my opinion, mau berapa kali pun kita memulai dengan orang yang baru, pasti akan selalu ada fase sakit hati dan love-hate feelings, semua akan sama kalo kita ga bisa belajar menerima itu semua. For me, saya cuma akan pergi kalo pasangan saya sudah tidak ingin berjuang/ care about our relationship again or he kept promise to change but never happened. Goodnight everyone❤️ (ig:graaciellaa)

  22. aku mau sedikit sharing about my love story. My first love itu kita mulai pcrn dari junior high school sampai kira” 5years. It is not really good relationship karena aku beneran merasakan apa yang namanya dihianati, he always cheating and he hurt me mentally. Pernah sekali aku lg ngerjai tugas dia dan dia duduk didepan sma selingkuhannya trus merka kayak liat foto kelas gitu dan cowok aku blg ke selingkuhannya “dia mah ga ada apa”nya dibanding kamu(sambil nunjuk aku di foto itu)” dan aku cm bisa nahan air mata karena lg dikelas. Aku juga ga diperbolehin main sama temen lain bahkan cewe, pernah sekali kita lg di sweet17 my bestfriend dan aku pst sibuk dong prepare surprise gitu, dan dia marahin aku di depan smua temen lain blg aku lebh mentingin temen drpd temenin dia di acara itu. Seperti yang dikatakan ci stevie “if we learn to silent our own ego and turn to love a lot of things will become much more beautiful”, aku berusha turunin ego dan semuanya tapi pda akhirnya dia putusin with no reasons:) then, pas kuliah aku ketemu cowok baru dan sampai skrg kita uda sama” more than 2 years, dan memang di jg pernah salah tapi tanpa dia hari ini aku ga akan pernah sebahagia ini. Karena aku susah mengungkapkan perasaan dan cenderung diam aja, awalnya dia susah banget dan kdg bsa marah krna ga ngerti aku lg mikir apa, but he really try so hard utk ngerti dan skrg sedikit aja beda dia uda tau apa yg salah. so for me,love doesn’t mean you will always agree, or never have an agrument, it means despite the bad days you still can’t see youself without that person.
    (ig :graaciellaa)


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