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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Hey loves,
Back with me after a very long hiatus, don't worry I'm all well just caught up with a lot of things lately but now I'm back writing to you again. How's your self quarantine going so far? Although we're set for another whole month of staying home due to the government's policy to minimize the spreading and effort to contain the virus, let's do our part by following the rules and stay home. It's indeed a hard season for everyone but let's not be sad for too long, life must go on thus work too.. For us who WFH (Work From Home) I have a simple trick you can follow to look on point with minimal effort. 

In this post I'm going to share about my everyday go-to quick makeup look for home meetings, shoots, or even video call sessions with my friends while #stayathomeThe products I used are all from Make Over; Powerstay Transferproof Matte Lip Cream for both lips and blush, Powerstay Brow Definer Mascara to define my brows and Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion for my complexion. Very simple quick pick up for your everyday look at home. Since we're all stuck at home for the time being but work and life must go on but thanks to the digital technology we can have the privilege and access to connect with our friends or work through the internet. That's why it is also important to still look presentable even during this stay at home period, cause we got e meetings through Zoom or SKYPE which needs us to be present. So there's no way that you wanna look unpolished and messy right? Even though we're working at home but on a business and professional conference even though its only through video call you should still look proper just to be presentable and professional. 

So now shall we start with a little brief review on each of the products I've used today? 

Powerstay Transferproof Matte Lip Cream - B06 Powerful

Today's lip color I'm using Make Over Powerstay Transferproof Matte Lip cream in the shade B06 Powerful. I really like this shade cause its a very unique color, brick mauve kind of neutral color which just makes you feel confident right after application. Just like its name this shade makes me feel full of energy and powerful to tackle the day. I really like that this shade compliment my skin tone making it look more radiant and lively. That's why lipstick is really essential to complete your makeup. 

Living up to its name which is powerstay transferproof this lip cream is really transfer proof, carefree wear, smudge-resistant and long lasting up to 14 hours, once it set it doesn't leave any transfer even after eating or drinking the lipstick stays. Usually on a busy day I don't like a high maintenance lipstick cause I rarely touch up my lipstick but this one stays all day. Even if it fades out a bit if you eat something greasy or oil the color sill stains beautifully on your lips.

To make it quick, I use the same lipstick for my blush on. So here's the trick if you have a liquid lip cream and is just too lazy to pick up another blush on product just use it as your blush. It'll blend in perfectly with your look complimenting your lip color. Simply dab it on your cheek and blend it off quickly before it dries off and set on your cheeks. 

Powerstay Brow Definer Mascara 02 Chocolate 

Not usually a brow person, which mean I rarely do my brows. Since I'm actually blessed with the brows department, as I have naturally thick brows but I so still have sparse area which can be adjusted to make it look more define and even. So I picked up this Make Over Powerstay Brow Definer Mascara in no. 2 chocolate to fill in the area as well as make my brow hair look similar to my hair color. Since I've dyed my hair to a lighter brown so I want to match the color with my brow with this brow mascara. I really like that the product comes in this brush form so I can easily control the consistency of product I want on my brows to avoid making it look too thick and bold. 

Powerstay Demi-Matte Cover Cushion N10 Marble 

Previously on its launching I got the chance to try out this cushion even before it was launched in public so If you've missed out on my Demi - Matte Cover cushion review before you can simply click here. My thoughts about this cushion is still the same, still very much in love with its natural skin like finish which brings out a healthy looking skin. I'm using shade N10 - marble which is their fairest shade. Although it may seem a little bit brighter than my skin tone but upon application the color blends in with my skin tone perfectly giving me a radiant bright looking complexion. It is among one go my favorite go-to cushion since I'm more towards a cushion person compared to foundation so this Demi matte cover cushion from Make Over has been on high rotation of use. Simply dab the product and you're good to go, cause this cushion has pretty impressive coverage so usually for these days work at home conference call I don't apply any more concealer cause this cushion is enough to do the magic. Their coverage is medium to high and is definitely buildable. It is formulated with moisturizer, oil control and soft focus agent to create a smooth and natural skin like finish. This cushion also has anti pollution and UV filter SPF 50/PA++++ to protect your skin from all harmful uv rays.  

Look at the impressive coverage, only with a single tap the cushion manage to make the eyeliner look more fade out. 

Overall I really enjoy using Make Over's makeup product cause most of them are so practical and easy to use. Not to mention all their formulation and innovation is really on par with even International brands which makes me proud to call it as one of my favorite local beauty product. For me personally makeup should be easy to use, highly pigmented and comfortable on my skin, especially for me with extra sensitive skin, I don't want to risk if a product will irritate or cause break out on my skin but thankfully all Make Over's product has never disappointed me, they often surprise me with how amazing their products and formulation are. Basically the products I used today are all from Make Over's Powerstay series which means these products are formulated to be long lasting, however you don't have to worry if they'll make your makeup look and feel heavy cause I've tested them and they don't. 
So I have a good news which is no longer new for you guys is that, you can now purchase all Make Over's products online through their webstore , Instagram , Lazada official store or through Sociolla. You can also enjoy a new facility provided by Make Over during this pandemic season to make your shopping experience more easy and personalized with the help of personal shopper which you can check out their contact details on Make Over's Instagram. Happy shopping and just another reminder, even though you're home most of the time but please don't feel lonely cause you're not alone. Dress up, wear make up and feel good about yourself ! 
This is the final result, what do you think? 
Thank you so much for reading :) See you on my next post~
Stay safe and healthy people! Don't forget to practice social distancing
and stay at home to flatten the curve. Let's stop the spreading and outbreak of this virus. Together we can get through this! Better days are coming, never lose hope and faith. 

Love, Stevie 

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