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Monday, November 02, 2020

Hello loves, How are you doing? Hope this finds you well. Today I'll be sharing and discussing about my new findings on a program that can help us to get a detailed skin check while staying home. This is by POND'S Skin Advisor Live (SAL) - by AI (Artificial Intelligence) that will quickly and easily determine and analyze your skin condition going by their tagline "Recommended service this is where we are at now". Although we're staying home most of the time these days but that doesn't mean our skin condition stays the same, maybe throughout this whole period our skin condition has changed making our usual skin care regime in effective thus getting to know about our current skin condition is essential to be able to get the optimal result. 

SAL Main Features 
- Analyze your skin 
Only with a SELFIE sent through Facebook Messenger to POND'S SAL you can get your skin analysis and check done super easily and quickly.  

- POND'S SAL helps you to be your best self!
After the skin analysis this SAL will provide you with the recommended product recommendation for your current skin condition. This feature is super cool as it can also show you a whole personalized skincare regime needed by your skin to reach its optimum result. Don't you think this is so cool?  

- Suitable product recommendations 
Have you ever confuse yourself which skin care products would work for your skin condition but now with SAL it will help to select the products that will work on your skin condition based on your skin analysis. Now if you want to purchase the product recommendations you can simply check out your favorite E-commerce platform to purchase. 

How to use SAL?
Now this SAL service by POND's is available on their POND's Indonesia Facebook Page. So yo'll need to follow these simple steps to get your skin analysis done. 
  1. Enter POND'S Indonesia Facebook page or simply click on this to be redirected directly to the SAL chat messenger. 
  2. Click on the "Send Message" icon
  3. Send your message and chat with SAL
  4. SAL will provide you with product recommendations as well after your skin check which can be purchases via your favorite e-commerce platform.
All you have to do is take a selfie and let the AI works its magic and analysis.

Overall, I find this SAL Skin Advisor Live by POND's really useful especially during times like now where we tend to stay home most of the times. Due to the change of our lifestyle and habit, might actually result in a new stress level that might impact and affect our skin thus having this SAL allow us to get our current skin check to ensure that we're giving our skin the products needed to achieve its optimal results. As from the current test I could get the actually state of my skin and know which area should I focus and improves on. 

The whole process is super quick and easy making skin consultation a lot easier although you can be sure with the result because POND's is known to provide consumers with expert skincare and making beauty more accessible. Their SAL AI have integrated clinical data which will give you results just within minute count. SAL can be easily done alone at home or anywhere anytime!  

Here's my result 
It can also show your skin tone, mine is ivory :) 

Then you'll get a whole detailed skin analysis based on the selfie you sent them. There's three category they can analyze: dehydration level, uneven skin tone, dark spots or hyper pigmentation on skin. My result is clearly shown below, didn't know I have to work on hydrating my skin even more cause my score for dehydration is high. Before I've always had more problem on dark spots but now I guess since I'm staying home most of the time my skin becomes more dehydrated as I stay in my room throughout the day with aircon on 24/7 making my skin loosing its hydration level. Thank God for this SAL which has helped me noticed an important skin condition of mine which I need to focus on to avoid it triggering other skin problem. SAL also shows the optimum skin result you can achieve with their product recommendations. Such a great mood booster to see my optimal skin condition if I continue to improve my skin in areas that needs more attention. 

Aside from a detailed skin check you can also explore and read more on skin care tips, they have numerous articles that can help to enlighten you about skin care do's and don'ts. Really SAL is super helpful and useful, thanks to it skincare and skin check can be done quickly at home. So happy to encounter POND'S SAL that help get a proper skin analysis done properly yet quickly. Go try it now and see how your skin is doing. If you happen to try let me know how's your result, leave your answers/ sharing in the comment section below. 
Thank you for reading! See you on my next post. 

Love, Stevie 

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