[Beauty]: Scarlet Whitening Body Lotion - Freshy Review

Sunday, December 06, 2020

Hello beautiful people, welcome back to my blog. Can't imagine where has 2020 gone, it seems like a blink and its already December but I wish everyone reading this is well and healthy. 

Well as you guys may have read on my previous post on Scarlet whitening , today this post is a continuation to my previous blog to share more on the newly released body lotion by Scarlet called the Freshy. This lotion has taken up the hype of the town and has been buzzing around lately. Scarlet's Freshy is said to have a very calming and relaxing scent similar to the famous Jo Malone parfume English Pear and Freesia Cologne that has an Autumn essence. The thing I like about this lotion is that it shows immediate results. 

They previously already have three body lotions varieties; Romansa, Fantasia, Charming, and the latest one Freshy! Freshy is the new yellow bottle  
The scent is pretty soothing and relaxing, for someone who doesn't like strong scented products this product is by far my favorite out of all the Scarlet body lotions. Freshy has a scent that is warm and fresh, I would consider it a scent for all genders or unisex cause it doesn't have a strong sweet floral or feminine scent. 
The result is pretty visible right after application, although I wouldn't say that the effect is long lasting/ permanent. You'll experience the brightening effect every time you use it. It'll not only moisturize your skin but will make it look brighter.  Scarlet Whitening products are already MUI & BPOM certified thus even though it shows instant result you can be assured its safe.  

The main ingredients in this lotion is their Glutathione and Vitamin E that helps to brighten up skin and also nourish our skin. My favorite is it helps to not only brighten up my skin but its scent also lingers on all day. Scarlet products are all said to be cruelty friendly too which means they are not tested on animals. 

Direction of use:
Massage onto your hands and body to moisturize your skin. 

 This body lotion comes in a plastic bottle which includes a pump to enable us to easily pump the amount of products we want to use. You can also find the whole ingredient list, expire date, directions of use on the bottle too. The pump also comes with double protection with its unlock and lock features which you can lock and unlock by turning right or left.  

Price: IDR 75 000


Acrylic polimer, Cetearyl Alcohol, Triisopropanol Amin, Propana-1-2-diol, Propane-1,2,3-triol, Dmdm Hydantoin, Fragrance, Beads A2-millicapsule, Glutathione, Water. 

BPOM: NA18170100459

Where to Buy? 
❤ Website
❤ Whatsapp – 087700163000
❤ LINE – @scarlett_whitening
❤ DM Instagram – @scarlett_whitening 
Overall I would recommend you to try out Freshy since it has a very soothing and calming scent. It also does its job in moisturizing my skin, especially these days when my skin is a bit tall and a few shades darker thanks to Bali, Scarlet Whitenting Freshy lotion is definitely my everyday go to for a quick fix for my dull tan skin. Thank you for reading, I'll see you soon on my next post! 

Love, Stevie 

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