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Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Hello beautiful, How have you been? It's finally December and we're almost through with 2020. Hardly believe we've made it this far yet things are still far from normal or many might say would never ever be the same anymore. However I believe better days are coming, as for now stay strong, healthy and sane. It's indeed a season to be grateful for all the little blessings in everyday instead of looking for the things we don't have. 

COVID has indeed hit the hardest in tourism and travel sector this year and one thing I would say traveling during pandemic takes a lot of precautions and effort. To be honest its a tedious work and I really miss the old traveling style yet if you happen to travel now make sure to follow the proper health protocols, stay alert and mindful at all times to not only keep yourself safe but also other people. 

December with holiday season around the corner you might feel the urge to travel so here in this post I'll share some of the things you need to take note if you're about to travel during this pandemic season. Traveling domestically within Indonesia is possible yet there's a few things you need to prepare prior to traveling. Just got back from my Bali trip so here's my personal experience on traveling during this pandemic season. 

Get your Rapid Test / PCR test 

I would suggest getting yourself tested before booking your flights but if you've already booked your tickets then get your test done prior to your travel date to save time and hustle at the airport. You can actually get yourself tested at the airport but then you'll have to reach the airport a few hours early or at least 3 hours early to get your test, validate your documents then proceeding to your check ins. Thus I would suggest getting your test done prior to it, it will definitely save you time. If your test results show negative then you're good to go. 

Book your flight 

Make sure to book flights that implement seat distancing, cause sadly even though physical distancing is part of the safety health protocols yet not all flight implement and practice this strictly. I fly with Citilink on my previous Bali trip and super happy with their service and the way the practice seat distancing in flight. Aside from Citilink, Garuda also practice seat distancing in flight. All the air crews are also making sure everything is clean and sanitized. 

At the Airport

1) Validate your documents 

2) Check in & Drop your baggage 

3) Board the airplane like usually

4) Practice proper health protocols 

Prevention is the best way to fight off this pandemic and Coronavirus thus its essential for everyone to practice the health protocol. Check out the list below, wear your mask, keep your distance, wash your hands often and sanitize your hands too if you can't wash your hands. Make sure not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth area.  

Enjoy your flight

Try to put on your mask at all times in flight and just avoid opening your mask to stay safe. Even though most airplanes have used HEPA technology which is said to be able to filter out bacteria and virus to provide a safer traveling experience but its better to be safe than sorry right. 

At Citilink they provide in flight food but I kept it till landing to eat. 

Thank you for reading ! See you on my next post :) Happy holidays, stay safe and healthy. If you're going on a trip soon please be responsible traveler. 

 Love, Stevie 

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