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Friday, March 19, 2021

Hello people, Welcome to my first post in 2021. In a blink we're 3/12 done now, still facing a challenging season in the midst of pandemic where wearing mask is essential to ensure the safety of people around us and ourselves too. However I wish everyone is doing well, adjusting with the new normal lifestyle with all the perks and uncomfortable twist but lets follow and implement the proper health protocols while in public places to stop the spread of the virus. 

As I've shared earlier mask is essential these days, which is like nightmare for those with sensitive acne prone skin cause people with this skin concern are more likely to fall into a new trendy Maskne (Mask Acne) trend. Personally wearing mask constantly has caused me to break out more often on my jawline and chin which is caused by the continuous wear of mask. Especially for us living in Indonesia where the weather is hot and humid it makes it so easy to sweat and with mask on this is the culprit why these days many suffer from Maskne. 

Even so make sure to wear your mask at all times cause in this post I'll be sharing two simple products from Bioderma that help me maintain my skin and reduce my maskne. Basically just like normal acne, the key to maintain healthy skin and prevent maskne is by cleansing your face regularly with gentle cleanser. So the products are Bioderma Sensibio H2O and Bioderma Hydrabio Essence Lotion. Make sure to read till the end to find out more on these products. 

Bioderma Sensibio H2O 

By now you must be very familiar about this micellar water Bioderma Sensibio H2O since it's still one of the best and leading micellar water in the market and also my personal all time favorite. Ever since I used this Sensibio H2O, my skin has improved so much. Not only that it cleanse off my skin from all my makeup, pollutants and residues but it leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh after. Actually you can go without rinsing however I would suggest to do double cleansing to make sure your skin is completely clean. Especially when it comes to maskne, there's a lot of hard work to maintain the skin so making sure its completely clean is very important.  

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water is also very gentle on the skin as it doesn't leave any tingling irritating feeling at all on the skin. Even though these days we stay home or indoor most of the time I would still suggest you to clean your face with micellar water first before facial wash simply to make sure there is no pollutant or micro pollutant residue left on your skin cause usually acne are caused by clogging pores. Keep your skin clean and you're one step closer to a clearer and healthier skin. 

Next after cleansing I've always made sure not to skip my skincare and toner is a step one shouldn't skip. After my acne laser treatment my skin has been excessively dry thus I tried to use Bioderma Hydrabio Essence Lotion and. it took me by surprise how hydrating this lotion is even with its water like formula. Maintaining hydration of my skin is important to provide protection from friction between the skin and the mask. It also plays a big role to maintain the function of our skin barrier. That’s why it’s crucial to gently cleanse and hydrate our skin to avoid Maskne and to maintain a healthy skin.

  Bioderma Hydrabio Essence Lotion

This Hydrabio Essence Lotion has a water like formula that absorbs quickly into the skin. Upon application you can feel your skin is well hydrated and there's a cooling sensation that freshens up the skin. Especially for dry skin you'll feel the instant boost of hydration with this lotion. Usually I would just pour sufficient amount on my palm and then massage the products gently. This step helps to work the product into the skin better and result in making my skin more moisturized, hydrated and radiant looking. After it then I continue with my next skincare step but I do like that this Hydrabio Essence Lotion doesn't feel heavy or greasy at all with its lightweight formula while still boost the hydration my skin needs. 

These two simple skincare routines can maintain your skin health and also to prevent maskne. I would say for those who have acne prone maskne is a brand new challenge but let's hope with a proper care our skin will be able to be healthier and be Maskne free! Remember to always use products that are gentle and hydrate your skin to improve your skin barrier and thus will help maintain a healthier skin. 

Kindly check Bioderma official site for more information :) 

Website : www.bioderma.co.id
❥Instagram : bioderma_indonesia
Twitter : @bioderma_id

Thank you for reading, I wish everyone a great day. Stay healthy and safe always! May you find some useful insights to fight off maskne, just like acne it'll heal so don't stress so much over it. See you on my next post! 

Love, Stevie 

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