[Lifestyle]: Sharing Joy at Home with Tupperware Bloomia Collection

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Hello people, welcome back with my newest post on this Tupperware Bloomia Collection. From the first time I saw this collection I fell head over heels over it! Special thanks to Clozette Indonesia (@clozetteid) from this collaboration project with Tupperware, I finally can get my hands on these cutie coral Tupperware. Lately, I've been into home decors and food plating is definitely an important aspect one can't miss out. Especially for someone who loves to eat like me. 

We've all been staying indoor most of the time these days thus making it even more important to spend quality time with your loved ones at home and dining is always so important to bring people and hearts together, here's come the important part to have a good food presentation to boost the mood and appetite. 

Today in this post you'll see all the beautiful Tupperware Bloomia collection from Bloomia collection gift set

  • Bloomia Oval Server with Colander & Spoon
  • Bloomia Serving Platter with Spoon
  • Bloomia Soup Server with Ladle
  • Petite Bloomia Soup Server with Deep Spoon
  • Petite Bloomia Saucy Dish with Deep Spoon
  • Gift Box
  • Free : 4 L Pitcher

The color of these Tupperware are too adorable and simply makes the whole dining mood so much more vibrant and lit up. Sharing food with your loved ones and families is one of my favorite activity at home and having this Bloomia collection just adds the sparks. I truly feel the practicality of these containers are very useful especially on family gatherings where the food is overflowing or even daily. The Bloomia collection has a cover and spoon/ladle on all their server which makes it so easier to keep the food hygienic during the serving. 

The best part of this Bloomia edition Tupperware is that they are all very practical from daily use with 3 in 1 features such as serving, reheating food in microwave safe and also storing food in the fridge all in this one container. Another thing that caught my eyes were also their modern design with food grade plastic material. 

Look at those glasses, aren't they too lovely ! 
If you're not aware Tupperware offers a Lifetime Warranty for all their Tupperware products, if there's any damaged or defect on the products you can always claim to get replacement. Now I understand why housewives pay much attention to food containers cause apparently these food containers add the functionality and effectiveness in serving food. 

I personally find their microwave ready feature the most useful cause living in a fast paced world when I need to reheat my food quickly I can just put it straight into the microwave. Totally adore that its multi function and efficient. If you purchase their Bloomia Gift collection you can also get Free 4L Pitcher which can be very useful for gathering :)

With the upcoming Lebaran and Hari Raya where families gather to celebrate the big day, these Bloomia collection would be a great options to invest in. Don't you think they are so vibrant and simply adds the warmth to your dining? I and family really enjoy our time with this Bloomia edition cause it makes the food prevention 10 times more attractive and also so much more neat instead of serving food on normal plates. 

Thank you for reading, I'll see you on my next post ! Stay healthy always. So happy with this collection, will our everyday food serving container now. Grab yours soon! 
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Love, Stevie 

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