[Review]: Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask

Friday, March 03, 2017

Whenever I go travelling my skin tend to get super dry maybe its due to the climate difference back at home and in my travelling destination therefore a face mask is essential on my holiday to keep my skin hydrated. Especially after a long flight cause the air in the flight cabin can be so drying that it feels all the moisture on your skin is being stripped off.

As many of you may have known that I've just returned from my Beautiful Journey trip from Korea with Charis and this trip requires me to travel a 7 hours long flight to reach Seoul and the temperature there isn't friendly either. It's still freezing cold and as per I remembered temperature never rose above 10°C but it dropped to -10°C :'(
Therefore I really relied on my face mists and face mask to keep my face moisturized so that it'll stay hydrated and moisturized throughout the trip cause you wouldn't want to have your bad skin day during the trip! On the last day after the farewell party we were each given this Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask to try out ( not to forget I still got tons of face masks in my hotel room and my luggage ahhaahaha ) but what makes  Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask different is that its one of the face mask I'm eager to try out because I've read many good reviews regarding this masks. I initially plan to buy some at the duty free but end up getting a whole box of it. ❤

Enough of the Charis Trip story, I'll write a separate post regarding my whole trip soon, so stay tune if you're interested to find out all the fun I had. Ssst There will be Giveaway too! 
Have you heard of this brand Papa Recipe? If you're a K-beauty junkie just like me I bet you've already heard about this brand already. But if you're new to it no problem, I'll introduce you to this brand. I first came across this brand through a beauty Youtuber as she reviewed her best face masks and this Papa Recipe Mask is in it and that's when I started eyeing on this product. As this product claim to be using only organic ingredients and cause its Honey Mask, I thought of all the sweetness and wellness it will bring to my skin till I tried it myself on my last day of Beautiful Journey when I'm physically and mentally exhausted after all the fun activities and packing I decided to unwind and relax with this mask and I can tell you I'm in love with it!
Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask 
the product claim to be the sweet skin care solution for parched skin!
+ Organic ingredients full of nutrients
+ Hydrating & Nourishing
+ Long lasting hydration
+ Safe formula with Gold Complex

Volume : (25g) x 10 Sheets per box
All Skin Types
Made in Korea

Bombee honey mask pack is recommended for :
-Dehydrated, flaky skin.
-Parched skin in need of nutrients.
-People in want of healthier, radiant skin.
Took this picture at 3 AM and realized maybe that's why none of my face shot was smiling πŸ˜“πŸ˜’πŸ’¬ #TiredFace please don't mind the face expression 😟 You can see that the face mask is very thin and it sets in smoothly on my face without much crumbling because the size of the mask fits perfectly on my face. πŸ˜‰
 I let the mask to sit on my face 20 minutes before I took them off and pat off the excess essence into my skin. So you must be eager to know what I think about this mask after trying it myself, right? This Bombee Honey Mask indeed didn't disappoint me. It met my expectations of what I wished the mask would do to my skin. Cause I'm tired and my skin has been tired too so I needed an instant lift/ boost to my skin and this mask makes my skin feel smooth,moisturized and nourished without feeling too greasy/sticky or too much. It leaves my skin feeling fresh too and the next day when I woke up I can really feel my skin looks fresher and it still feel as smooth as last night after finishing mask application. Being in Korea especially when its cold it tend to dry up my skin a lot so this mask really did its job! I love the scent and the mask itself because the size fits just right on my face and not too big like other masks I've tried which made it quite difficult to set on my face. 
Would I repurchase? Yes!! 

Love, Stevie 

* Products were gifted/ sponsored during the Beautiful Journey Trip by Charis Korea but all the opinions and thoughts about the product reviews were my own personal honest thoughts. 

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