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Monday, February 27, 2017

So what is your ideal idea of a perfect holiday or gateway? Is it travelling to nature, theme park, or shopping? Which ever is your favourite, H.I.S. Travel will make it come true! H.I.S. Travel will easily help you book your flight, hotel and accommodation easily which you can read more on my previous post here.

Japan and theme park is almost something that are inseparable because Japan has two Disney theme park Disney Land and Disney Sea  which are both highly popular among youngsters or tourists. Not to forget Universal Studio and Fuji Q Highland. If you're a thrill seeker then you wouldn't want to miss out all the fun rides offered at each theme park.Fuji Q Highland is a theme park very popular for all their fun and thrilling roller coaster rides which will make your adrenaline pump to its highest!

Disney Sea

Disney Land

Universal Studios Japan (USJ)

Fuji Q Highland 

If theme park is not your cup of tea you can try out other fun activities in Japan such as shopping, culinary, visiting iconic tourists spots etc. Tokyo itself has a lot to offer for its visitors such as Harajuku and Shinjuku area is a very popular shopping district for youngsters. You can also go to the hippest place where they sell all the branded brands along the street of Ginza or see the whole city from above at Tokyo Tower. If you want to create a memorable trip which you can look back to a few years from now you can try to put on kimono and take shots among the bamboo forest and strolling at Asakuza for traditional architecture, reliving the past in the modern world. It would be a fun and memorable one to take shots together with your loved ones. Mt. Fuji is also one of the most favourite tourist spots beautiful of its mesmerizing beauty that will soothe the soul and eyes.  

Tokyo Tower 
Mt. Fuji
Bamboo Forest 

Travelling from one city to another can be pretty bothersome when it comes to flight booking but now you can easily order and schedule all your flights with HAnaviH.I.S. Travel's online service which allows you to easily book your flight and they can event help you adjust your trip itinerary and find you the best price for your flights and accommodationsHAnavi will help you get domestic flights and accommodation at the best price and of course you can save some money on the travelling expense and use it for some shopping done :) It can also help you book holiday trip, if you're too busy to plan out your own itinerary cause they have some set tour packages ready which can freely choose to join. Besides that H.I.S. Travel also offers JR Pass and WI-FI rental which will make your whole trip to Japan much easier which everything sort out before your trip!  
That's all for my short Spring holiday activities in Japan post together with H.I.S. Travel and HISGO. I hope it'll help you decide and what fun activity you'd like to do or the theme park you'd like to visit. Make it a memorable trip together with H.I.S. see you on my next post!

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