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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Konnichiwa ๐Ÿ™‹Welcome back to my Beautynesia HIS Travel collaboration posts, after the Blooming Sakura  and fun activities in Japan. Now I’m going to share about the main tourist attractions in Japan you must visit in Japan as well as the optional tours from HIS Travel. Well without further ado let’s begin…
The land of the rising Sun, Japan has a lot of tourist attractions to offer from Theme park, Food, Scenery to Historical sites. Generally tourists who visit Japan would usually visit Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Nikko however there are many other cities in the country that offers different tourist attraction and vibes.

Speaking of Tokyo which is the capital city of Japan, we can expect a busy hustling city lifestyle but it has a lot of tourist attractions like Tokyo Disney Resort, Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, Odaiba and Mt. Fuji.
Choose your dates and BOOK your admission ticket through HISGO and skip all the massive lines and enjoy your trip to DISNEYLAND AND DISNEYSEA. Very simple and easy method to purchase the tickets ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž HISGO makes purchasing ticket online so much more convenient. 
Who is not in love with Disney characters?  Disneyland has been named as “the happiest place on earth” making Tokyo Disney Resort on the top MUST VISIT place in Tokyo. If you’re a fan of thrilling rides Tokyo Disney Resort has all of it undercover for you. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets prior to your visit to avoid long tedious lines through HIS Travel. It would save you a lot of time cause they said lining up for the rides can also take hours that’s why it’s highly recommended for you to get the fat track ticket if you’re a fan of rides, as for myself who don’t play any rides at theme park I can leisurely enjoy and stroll over the theme park and enjoy a different part of it aside from the rides.
Odiaba has now developed into one of the most popular tourist attractions with its wide variation of leisure, shopping and dining options. Odiaba is a man made island at Tokyo Bay, there you can see the famous Gundam  robot in its real size ( imagine how big is that) and the artificial Statue of Liberty as well as a bridge build up with rainbow lights. It would make the perfect tourist attraction to add up to your Tokyo itinerary. Again through HISGO you can easily sign up for their optional tour to enjoy the most of Odiaba. Looking for fun activities aside from only sightseeing at Odaiba through HISGO you can book on an optional activity tour and try out Oedo Onsen Monogatari Odaiba Hot Springs in Tokyo. It would be a fun and relaxing time. 

Mt. Fuji is the most iconic mountain in Japan and your trip to Japan wouldn’t be complete without visiting it. Here at HIS Travel they offer different optional tour which you can join to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mt. Fuji.

Tokyo Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower are also one of the most iconic tourist attractions in Tokyo. In order to visit these two places I would suggest you to get your admission ticket prior to your visit to avoid wasting time queuing in long tedious lines. Through HISGO you can easily get your tickets or join their optional tours to visit these places.
Or sign up for this half-day tour for those who wants to take a look at the "Big Three" si
Make sure you're well connected to the internet throughout your trip to help you stay updated to your social medias as well as to help you check on train and bus schedules and even check on maps. Therefore you can stay connected with the portable pocket WIFI which you can rent through HIS Travel, they have different options you can choose from to meet your travelling needs. Life is always easier connected to the internet right? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ and lastly don't forget to get your JR Pass too to help you travel so much more convenient and cost effective to travel around Japan especially when you plan on visiting more than one cities. Get everything sort out through HISGO as you can now purchase and order all your admission tickets and book your JR pass online through HIS 

I will share more on the other tourist attractions like travelling back in time through the Edo Wonderland Nikko which allows you to experience the past or even Universal Studio Japan which is also an “it” theme park aside from Disneyland on my next post so stay tune.

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