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Monday, February 19, 2018

Hello loves! Wishing you a great start in February... 
Yeah, we've made it through January. Who else feels that January flies so quickly? Well without further ado I'll be sharing a new beauty review featuring Maybelline BB Cushion- Super Cushion Ultra Cover Cushion. Thank you Maybelline ID and Beautynesia for the opportunity to try and review this product( Maybelline BB Cushion). I've been curious about the quality of Maybelline's BB cushion because I've heard tons of positive reviews about it. In this post I'll share my personal experience and review about this Maybelline BB Cushion as well a general insight about the product. Shall we begin?  
They send me two shades from the Maybelline - Super Cushion Ultra Cover Cushion which are Natural Beige and Sand Beige.  Natural Beige is actually quite pale and light compared to Sand Beige. For darker skin tone you'd want to try out Sand Beige. Maybelline - Super Cushion Ultra Cover Cushion  comes in SPF 50+/ PA+++ thus gives you enough protection from the harmful UV rays. Natural Beige is suitable for those with fair skin tone and Sand Beige is definitely made for those who are darker. Although the product works like wonder by providing so much coverage even in a single dab but it feels so light on the skin just like BB cream and nothing like heavy foundation. It has 14 hours long staying power and is full coverage! Thus you'll need to be careful to not grab too much coverage because a little goes a long way. 

Natural Beige

Sand Beige

As someone with Acne prone and sensitive skin, I tend to pay special attention to ingredients so here are the list of ingredient in the cushion. Make sure to check out the ingredients list if you have sensitive skin too!  
Each Maybelline - Super Cushion Ultra Cover Cushion comes in a sleek packaging dominated in black and gold. It's very light and you can easily pop it into your bag and carry it with you everywhere to touch up throughout the day. In the cushion it includes the product and a black puff :) The black cushion puff is said to be more solid; subtle and ease the whole application to apply the product evenly onto the skin. The product itself has fine cushion pores thus it'll help you save the product from coming out too much onto your puff whenever you dab on it. This will make is more economical compared to the older Maybelline cushion (Maybelline Super BB
Cushion). The cushion itself is separated with a plastic separator to maintain the hygiene of the product from the bacteria on the puff after every usage. On new products you'll see a seal on the cushion. 
At the back of the packaging you can find the Manufacturing date and details on the shades. 
Even for my skin tone which is actually already quite pale Natural Beige still looks to light on me but definitely a better fit compared to Sand Beige. Sand Beige kind of make my skin look dull because its a few shades darker compared to my skin tone. Hope that they would launch more shades so it can match our skin tone perfectly. 
Upon application I was totally impressed with this Maybelline - Super Cushion Ultra Cover Cushion because in just one dab (#1SuperTap) it covers my skin perfectly and of course hide my imperfection and discoloration perfectly. Honestly it was the formula of this cushion that blew me away, cause I didn't have any expectations yet for this Maybelline Cushion as I generally use K-brand cushion product which mostly kind of have sheer finish but this one indeed cover so well in a single dab.  In this review I'll also share with you a comparison between Maybelline - Super Cushion Ultra Cover and another Cushion brand to test out the coverage of it in a single dab. 
This is an image of my bare skin with lots of blemishes and discolourations from acne scares on the left and You can definitely spot the difference between my skin before and after Maybelline - Super Cushion Ultra Cover Cushion.
Spot the difference?
Challenge Time
Now in this image you can clearly see that Maybelline - Super Cushion Ultra Cover indeed cover pretty much all my redness, scars and discoloration. While Brand X cushion only gives off a sheer coverage and all my blemishes are still sneaking out and pretty visible. They also said that with a single dab its enough to cover your whole face, but I think I'll have to agree with it since one dab has so much coverage already! Totally a recommended product to have a quick and high coverage base.. This Maybelline - Super Cushion Ultra Cover is the key! 
Now let's finish the rest of the makeup and see how the final result look like.
Here's the final look with Maybelline - Super Cushion Ultra Cover Cushion
(Natural Beige)
I would say that this Maybelline - Super Cushion Ultra Cover has very impressive coverage! The product texture and formula also feels comfortable and not heavy even though it has great coverage. My skin if you notice hasn't completely calmed down so I do have breakouts and redness which this product totally covered and sealed perfectly. The best part is having a not so great skin condition means I do have some dry areas on my skin but this cushion doesn't enhance or make it look patchy but it kind of blend off everything quite well securing my base makeup greatly. Although you can never hide bumps of your breakout of course but as for picture's sake this cushion is doing great making my skin look so flawless. For those of you with the same skin concern as mine you should definitely give this cushion a try! Fall in love with the coverage ❤ The only downside I have for this product is that since a single dab provide so much coverage so if you're not careful and dab too much product it would be too much for your skin and thus will look like you're wearing a mask because even with a little product it can already cover up everything. 
Rate: 4/5 

Where to Purchase?
Shop Maybelline at Lazada and at Maybelline counters in department store or their pop up store at Plaza Indonesia. You can get it for Rp259000.00 ❤ Price wise I would say its still relatively affordable considering the product quality and coverage!  
So that's it for this post! Hope you find it useful and I'll see you soon~

Love, Stevie 

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  1. definitely i will try this cushion.. soalnya aku pecinta cushion dia yang sebelumnyaa.. thanks for the review 💖

  2. Suka banget sama semua produk nya maybelline terutama maybelline super cushion ini coveragenya juara


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