Urban Decay X Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection

Monday, February 26, 2018

So around the beginning of this month I was invited to Urban Decay's boutique store opening at Mall Kelapa Gading and here are some of the goodies from the event. Its the limited edition Urban Decay X Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection Tenant eyeshadow palette and the post punk eye pencil. I immediately fell for the whole packaging design even before looking inside the palette because I do have a thing for artsy packaging even though this packaging design is far from cute but its just so unique and I adore unique and hard to understand arts. Cause its the mystery of the whole story behind the design that makes me curious, anyone like me? Well after looking inside I'm screaming slowly inside that its so adorable because I haven't own any palette with vivid bright colors like this before so this was so fun to finally own one. 

Urban Decay Tenant Eyeshadow Palette
This Tenant palette has a unique packaging design which is specially made in collaboration with Jean-Michel Basquiat. On the front it has a image of a skeleton a like while the rest are somehow abstract but it felt like the packaging itself has a lot of story to tell.  
Once you open the palette you'll be welcomed by this gorgeous bright and vivid eight different shades of eyeshadow. The eyeshadow formula is kind of powdery that you can easily blend off, they're quite pigmented just as usual Urban Decay palette that are very well known for its pigmentation this palette is no different. Since this palette consist of bright shades it would be easier to use it as a transition colors or as point color for your eye makeup and combine it with neutral colors in your daily wear palette. However if you're trying out some bold looks this palette can be very fun to play around with. 
The @urbandecaycosmetics x @basquiatart  palette consist of 8 beautiful vibrant and vivid colors from pink, green to deep blue.  [From Left to Right]: Studio, 1960, Neo, Yes, Graffiti, Exu, Boom, Untitled 
The palette comes with a brush that has two ends to blend off the eyeshadow seamlessly
Post Punk eye pencil 
Now its this eye pencil from @urbandecaycosmetics x @basquiatart called post punk eye pencil. Its a neon greenish eye pencil that can be used as an eyeliner. It has a very creamy texture and the color pay off is bomb!  You'll be shocked with the color pigmentation of this eye pencil in a single glide and its buildable. 

Now let me show you the look that I've created with both this products :) 

In this look I used the pink and turquoise color for my lead and used the deep blue for the end to give a deeper definition on my eyes. The used the post punk eye pencil to line my inner corner of my eyes to make my eyes look more awake and brighter. Well this eye makeup look isn't something that I'll wear on daily basis but its definitely fun to play with and I know its not perfect yet but I enjoy the whole process. In the end that's all that matter! Need to work on a better color blending technique next time hehehe
Here's the final Urban Decay Tenant Eye Shadow Palette + UD Eye Pencil "Post Punk

Overall this palette is appealing from its packaging to the shades in it but if you find the colours in this palette too overwhelming for you, you can try out the other @urbandecaycosmetics x @basquiatart palette which has a nude and brownish shades that'll be more wearable for everyday look called Gold Gridot Palette. Aside from the two products featured on this post, Urban Decay X Jean-Michel Basquiat has other products like blush set, lipsticks, and  eye pencil.   

Love, Stevie 

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  1. So pretty! This UD collaboration is definitely beyond amazing!

    xx, Kiko Kim


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