Innisfree: My Real Squeeze Masks sheet masks [Newest Packaging]

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Hello loves! This month I've been caught up with some new projects that made it hard to write but no problem now I'm back with a new exciting post from Innisfree Indonesia. If you've been following me on my Instagram you might have seen me featuring this new sheet mask booklet from Innisfree several times and as I've promised here is a post special for it. I'll share about my personal thoughts regarding this new sheet masks from Innisfree, well actually the sheet mask from Innisfree is no longer new to many. They're sheet mask are known to be affective and cost friendly that's what makes them very popular especially among youngsters or collage student. 

However the good news is now Innisfree has a brand new packaging for all their "My Real Squeeze Masks" series of sheet masks. Their new packaging is definitely cute :) will discuss more on it on the packaging section below.. So let's begin shall we? 
I received this cute #FreshStart2018 booklet of sheet masks, inside we can find all the 18 varieties of sheet masks! As you open you'll see a whole booklet like an album gallery displaying each of the sheet masks. ❤
The masks itself has three different types which is water, essence and cream. This means that each mask has different solution soaked in it and you can easily identify it from the image at the lower right corner of the packaging which indicates whether its water / essence / cream.
I personally like the new packaging because it looks so sleek and clean compared to their previous one. However I'm not so sure if they've done any formula updates on the mask as they felt pretty much the same as the previous one. So they only revamp the whole packaging to give it a new look for new year! :) What do you think of this new packaging?At the back of the packaging as usual you have the direction of use and information regarding the mask. 

So far I've tried this three different mask: Tomato, Honey and Green tea. Now I'll break it down to you the impression left by each mask... 

My real squeeze mask - tomato

Tomato is known to contain high anti-oxidant that is great to battle active acne or even accelerate the process of healing from acne scares. This is why it was the first mask I tried and as usual Innisfree mask never fail to impress me with the amount of essence in their mask. Upon application this mask leaves my skin feeling moist, and looking fresh !

My real squeeze mask - manuka honey 

This mask contains Manuka honey and aloe juice that is meant to nourish our skin and keep them looking radiant. I heard that honey has a good anti bacteria but its' actually my first time using honey on my skin. Well it doesn't makes my skin feel hydrated and refreshed as well. Finger crossed it doesn't caused any irritation on my current skin condition which is breaking out lately.   

My real squeeze mask - green tea

Now my favorite from all three I've tried before, its their green tea. I might be biased by I do like anything in green tea whether its my latte, ice cream or even skincare as I find them very soothing on the skin. green tea is also high in anti oxidant and this mask leaves me feeling refreshed, hydrated and my skin looks clearer and it definitely calms down my angry acnes making them less red.  

- Use it on clean face
- Leave the mask on for 10-20 mins but remember don't let it dry off too long on your skin because it might dehydrate your skin if being left longer than needed. 
- Pad off the excess essence on your skin and neck area 
- Let it set and absorb on your skin before continuing with your skincare or makeup routine.
The mask itself has a lot of excess essence even left over inside the packaging and I can have the essence dripping all over while unfolding the mask, so be careful not to get messy.. Cause they aren't stingy with the amount of essence each mask contain. 

After applying the mask I leave it for a good 15 mins before padding and massaging the excess essence onto my skin and neck area. I let them absorb and then continue with my usual daily skin care or makeup routine. I personally feel applying sheet masks prior to mask up helps the makeup to stay in place longer. 

I notice this green tea mask I tried feels cool on my skin and it leaves my skin feeling and looking refreshed and hydrated. It also calms down my redness and it absorbs pretty quickly onto the skin. 

Now you can purchase all these new My Real Squeeze Masks series in their newest packaging in store. However they're sold individually and not in a bundle booklet like this. This is a special package for us #innifriends, but don't worry each mask only 
cost IDR 19.000 which is so cost friendly! 
Once again thank you so much Innisfree for this cute booklet of sheet masks. Tho my skin isn't in its best condition but let's hope these mask will help to boost its recovery! So grateful to be part of the #innifriends campaign from Innisfree :) Thank you so much for reading, I'll see you on my next one soon...

Love, Stevie 

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  1. Hi Stevie! Aku April (@aprilianawardani) lucu banget itu booklet maskernya 😍 anw, kalo aku suka banget sih sama masker ini hehe

  2. setelah coba banyak sheet mask dan aku paling suka dengan innisfree, selain murah dia enak dan kerasa manfaatnya <3 *ig: @yoselyn.eunike*

  3. Anyway, ini sheetmask fav aku loh ci stev. Seneng banget kalo pake skincare atau makeup yg sama kek ci stev 😂
    Ig accpunt : mutialfa


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