I ask for nothing~

Saturday, March 23, 2019

I no longer seek or look for what more can the world offer me 
It no longer excites me , some may think "why are you so uncool ?" but i just no longer find the sparks in it. These things no longer spark joy or excites me. 

As i grow older i started wondering how can i give back to the society I'm living in 
How can i contribute and be useful
Its no longer about what I can get but what I can give back that excites me
I’m not saying about just the monetary aspect, when we think of giving some of us might just think straight to the monetary or amount but the truth is giving don’t always need to be associated with it. 
Giving back can be in all sort of things like time, love, joy or simply awareness of how to make this world we’re living a better place for all of us. Living for a quarter century I might still have a long sprint to go and a lot more to learn and discover but I simply want to be able to contribute and give back as much as I could and try to attain a minimal lifestyle. Become someone less selfish, let go of my ego and able to have a more in-dept relationship with everyone I encounter.   

This birthday is a bit different 
Well its indeed different because I've been drowning in work for weeks and haven't really got a hold on it till a few hours ago it hit me "oh, so tomorrow is 23rd" Usually this time of the year I would have a gateway well prepared for my family and me but this year I don't have the luxury of both time and energy to plan it out due to all the responsibilities I have my hands on but I am glad to wake up feeling healthy, happy and content. 
However it feels great to actually be home after being away last month, home makes me feel safe and content despite the urge in me that still want to travel but I guess its a good decision for me to just be where I am meant to be. Call it a quarter life crisis but all the celebrations and blings no longer excites me as it used to be. For me its just another day and turning a year older means I have lesser time on earth to fulfill my calling and to make the most out of living. 

The older I grew, I ask for nothing... I expect less, because expectations hurts. 
No matter how much you try not to but living means you always have expectations in mind but no I tend to put it to myself. I don't hang my hopes and dreams on another person to fulfill my expectations. I work for it for myself, I learn that everyone disappoints at one point or another even yourself! However you just have yourself, and the only person you should set your expectations is yourself all your achievements and goals shouldn't be motivated by another person because its your life so it should be your responsibility. I've learnt about this for quite a while now that's why I no longer seek approval & expectations from anyone else expect my own self. However these days I notice I am my biggest critic, I tend to be very hard on myself but that can't be helped having so much in mind and so much I want to achieve I only have one way but to keep on going. Sometimes little voices that try to discourage interfere but  I only have one focus to better myself so anything else shouldn't matter. Hoping that everyone will make it without needing to hurt another and add the misery to this brutal world. Let's all try to live in peace, full of compassion and love to overcome the hard truth that the world we're living is just mean. Be the change you want to see !

Love, Stevie 

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