[Event+ Product Review]: Madam Gie Launching

Monday, March 25, 2019

Hello loves, Welcome back to my new post! Today I'm going to share about this new local cosmetic brand called Madame Gie by the one and only Gisella Anastasia or is better known as Gisel. I was honored to be invited to their launching event together with my fellow bloggers, influencers, and celebrities who are Gisel and her friends.
So happy to be able to see Gisel in person, she's such a cute, humble and bubbly person. Not to mention I'm a big fan of her daughter Gempita :) She shared about her journey in creating this brand as it took only 5 months of preparation before the launch. Her main aim was to create a cosmetic brand that provides affordable cosmetics that can cater to the increasing demand of the beauty industry. Thus she wanted Madam Gie to be a brand that could provide good quality cosmetics with affordable price tags. Speaking of which all their cosmetic products price varies from Rp. 9000 to Rp. 288 000 which are totally affordable and pocket friendly. Madam Gie offers a wide selection of cosmetics from eyes, lips, face, brow and nail. Make sure to read till the end as I share with you my review on their Magnifique Lip Liquide Nude Series Set and my personal fav from their lipsticks.  
My babes :) so happy to be able to meet them again although I wasn't feeling my best on that day, but its always great to see everyone.  
Makeup demo using all products from Madam Gie 
After the introduction of the brand there was a makeup demo using all products from Madam Gie to create a simple look that is indeed so natural on the model. 
They even provided a beauty corner for nail art session during the event to pamper all the guests that attend the event. Madam Gie not only have cosmetics products but they also have nail polishes.  
Madame Gie Magnifique Lip Liquide Nude Series Set
So I got a chance to try out their Madame Gie Magnifique Lip Liquide Nude Series Set which a set consisting 12 different shades of nude which is perfect for everyday use. If you're into MLBB lips this set would be the best option since they got a lot of different shades of nudes which you can mix and match for a versatile lips suitable for all kind of makeup look. This set is also great because its such a value buy, for those looking for affordable lipstick I would recommend you to try out this by Madame Gie. Even though they can be considered very affordable but you don't have to worry about their quality since they are highly pigmented and they feels light on the lips too. Not to mention they smell so much like chocolate :p you gotta try it yourself. My favourite shades are 426 (Bisou) - is more of my kind of mauve that is great for everyday lips while 431(Malice) has a hint of purplish that instantly brighten up my complexion every time I use it. 
426 (Bisou)
Swatches :) from shade no. 421 - 432 (Top to bottom)
1. 421 Elixir
2. 422 Angel
3. 423 Serenity
4. 424 Pulcet
5. 425 Comtessa
6. 426 Bisou
7. 427 Romantic
8. 428 Siren
9. 429 Desire
10. 430 Strength
11. 431 Malice
12. 432 Pompous
It comes in a very effective packaging like most lip liquid or cream looks like. The design of the packaging itself is also simple and sleek. Their size is just right to carry on with you in your bag or makeup pouch, you can simply slip it in your bag. The applicator is also easy to use making it easy to apply the lip cream neatly. 

Stay connected with Madame Gie by following their Instagram account for new info and promos.Now where can you purchase all the products mentioned above? They can be purchased through Madam Gie's official webstore, and other e-commerce markets like: Shopee, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Blanja, Elevania and Lazada. Thank you for reading and happy shopping!

Love, Stevie 

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