[Review]: Ariul 7 Days Masks

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Hello loves, It's almost the end of October are you ready for the last two months in 2019. I'm actually pretty thrilled for what's next :) In this post I'll be sharing a bit on this Ariul 7 Days Masks and my experience with the mask. If you're following up with the K beauty trend you must be aware that in Korea they have this beauty routine of using one sheet mask everyday. This is the theme that Ariul want to highlight by bringing in 7 varieties of sheet masks that cater to different skin needs and condition. Ariul 7 days mask uses tencel which is 100% natural from eucalyptus wood which has better essence absorption and feels soft when used too. 

The 7 varieties of Ariul 7 Days Masks
1. Bamboo Water ( hydrating & moisturizing)
2. Aloe (calming soothing)
3. Tea Tree (clearing purifying)
4. Avocado (nutrient protection)
5. Lemon (brightening smoothing)
6. Green Tea (sebum control, peeling)

7. Pomegranate (firming radiating)
I personally feel the mask size is a bit too big for my face but overall it covers up my whole face, I would recommend you to cut them into two parts to ease the application process or you can simply trim it according to your face. Ariul 7 Days Masks are filled with lots of essence which I usually like to pad on my skin and even on my neck and hands too after the masking session. 
the sheet mask is made from tencel by eucalyptus wood 
Since the masks are made from natural ingredients with extract from their main ingredient it doesn't really have a strong overwhelming scent which is something I like. The scent is soothing and calming perfect for the short me time session during every mask time. Do you consider sheet masking "me time"? Cause its one of my favorite me time which is quick and effective especially when days get a bit too hectic a short 20 mins just relaxing while masking is a definite pleasure. I love to use this usually in the evening after showering and I always realize the next day when I wake up my skin would look radiant, supple and glowing. Since these days felt a bit more oily than usual I tried their green tea and it really made my skin feel refreshed and glowing right after the application. It can also help to control sebum and the peeling effect can also help to calm down my irritated inflamed acne which evening out my discoloration. My personal favorite are bamboo water, pomegranate and green tea. 

The design of each packaging shows the main ingredient in their mask. As per the name 7 days mask they are recommended to be used continuously for 7 days to see significant improvement on one's skin condition. 
You can find the ingredients and direction of use at the back of each packaging


-Clean your face and apply toner if you're intending to apply skincare to prep your skin for the essence on the mask.
-Apply the Ariul 7 Days Mask and slowly even out the mask according to your face contour.
-Let it be for about 15-20 minutes. (Never leave it more than recommended, cause it might result in adverse effect on your skin if you apply sheet mask for too long.)
-After using it pad the access essence on your face for maximal results. 
Where to Buy?
You can find Ariul 7 Days Masks at your favorite drug stores, or online through Sociolla. Through Sociolla you can buy them separately per masks or bundle package. Check them out for special promotions and deal. If you're planning to purchase through Sociolla don't forget to quote my code SBNLAHWU to get 50k off for every 250k purchases made on Sociolla. Happy Shopping! 

Thank you for reading, see you on my next post~

Love, Stevie 

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