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Thursday, December 05, 2019

Hello loves, here’s a little long overdue article I promised to write and share to you. Wished could have updated you guys about this sooner but long story short here it is today. Can’t believe it’s already December and soon we’ll be celebrating holiday seasons which is the best time of the year to spend with our loved ones. Whether you’re planning for a holiday or simply chill with your dearest ones it’s always a great time to look and feel good about yourself right? Holiday season is also a great time to relax and unwind, what’s your favorite me time? Mine would definitely be masking. However simple sheet masking might not give you the same experience as those peel off you experience at the saloon spa. 

However today I’d like to share about my experience with this very unique peel off masks which you usually get during your treatment at a spa. A very simple ritual you can do at home to get a spa treatment at the warmth of your home. Simply mix your Philocaly Skin mask with your favourite rose water or water then you can enjoy a relaxing session at home. I would recommend using  cool water to get a cooling effect. So happy to introduce this peel off mask from Philocaly because its another local product worth the hype!

 They come in different varieties to cater to different skin conditions, at the moment they have four different variants: Lavender, Blueberry, Tea tree oil & Peach .

Variant Types 
Blueberry – for normal to oily skin
Tea tree oil – for acne prone skin
Peach – for normal to dry skin 
Lavender – for sensitive skin 

Direction of Use:
-Pour in 30 ml of water or rose water to the mixture of the peel off mask
-gently apply the mixture of the peel off mask on your skin
-Even it out on all your skin, including your eyes and lip to get an even out skin tone that looks bright and radiant.
- Use it for 15- 20 min, for optimal result use it 2-3 times in a week.
- Remove or wash off the excess residue of the peel off mask on your skin is its not clean

I tried lots of mask and I personally feel that this mask makes my skin feel supple, soft, and instantly glowing.Their masks are also said to be Halal and BPOM certified, its also safe for both pregnant and breastfeeding mom. Although for this try my mixture is a bit too watery since I put in too much water to the mixture but after a while it finally dries off and ready to peel off. The sensation of peeling off the mask is so satisfying as it clarify our skin leaving it glowing and supple. Another thing I like about this product is you can simply choose accordingly to your skin condition, They also come in two different sizes the big size and single use one like the one above.Especially for my sensitive skin I decided to try out the lavender series for sensitive skin to reduce reduce on the blemishes on my skin. After using it and rinsing off I feel this peel off face mask helps to get rid of the redness and inflammation. Leaving it looking soft, supple and glowing, even before applying any skincare.   

As someone with super duper sensitive skin, I am so grateful that my skin loves this product. Even though the redness and inflammation is still visible but after the peel off mask my skin becomes calmer and radiant looking. It doesn't cause any further inflammation or acne on my skin. The most satisfying feeling is when your mask is dry and you can remove it. The removing process is also easy and completely painless. Relaxing "me time" is a must to pamper our skin and self after working for 24/7, will definitely do this routine daily to look more glowing this holiday season.  

Where to buy?
You can find philocalyskin on Shopee or you can also order via wa or line. 
Kindly follow and check out philocalskin Instagram page to check out on the latest promotion and news. 

Love, Stevie 

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