[Event+Review]: Lip on Lip - Watercolor Hydrating Lipstick

Monday, December 30, 2019

Yesterday, I attended the launching of Lip on Lip new lipstick range after their launch of their matte lipstick last year. If you've missed out my post on that one kindly check it out here. I'm so excited to share about this new launch with you guys because I'm so happy to be part of their launching event Yesterday and be among the very first few to try out Lip on Lip Watercolor Hydrating Lipsticks. During the event we also got to try and experiment with the new lipstick and use it to create Lip Art Swatch inspired by LippieLust. It was fun but please don't laugh at my creation... Not so bad after all right? 

This is the sample of Lip art by Lippielust
Before the lip art session, we had a little chit chat with both the representative of Lip on Lip and Lippielust .

Finally the first revealing if this new lipstick products at the event, they haven't even officially available in the market.  First of all thank you Lip on Lip and Female Daily for having me at the launching event so I could get the privilege to try out this new lipsticks from Lip on Lip. This new Watercolor Hydrating Lipstick range is available in 5 beautiful shades: Nude Brown, Pink Peach, Red Velvet, Pink Blossom & Red Plum, that are all very wearable for daily use. All the colors are also so versatile that you can simply use it as a full lips or ombre lips.  
Now let's move on to my full review on this new lipsticks shall we? 


This new Watercolor Hydrating Lipstick from Lip on Lip has a creamy buttery texture that glides in smoothly on our lips leaving a glossy and satin finish.They contain ingredients that's hydrating for the lips like Nano HA & AcHA, Vitamin E & Avocado oil. Giving off a plump effect and fuller lips look with a semi matte finish that is long lasting and vivid. However they do still transfer especially if you drink or eat but don't worry even if it fades, you'll still have a beautiful stain left on your lips. 
They are also Halal certified. 

Arm Swatches 

Nude Brown

Red Plum

Pink Peach

 Pink Blossom 

Red Velvet

Their packaging is definitely something I need to highlight, since their concept is Watercolor Hydrating lipstick that's why they have blue dominating packaging but the fun part about their packaging is they have 3D emboss like water sprinkles on the packaging. So adorably cute! As for the size Lip on Lip lipsticks always come in the same shape and size that is pretty small and handy to carry around everyday even in small bags. You can simply pop this lipstick into your bags. 

After trying out their new Watercolor Hydrating lipsticks, I would say I fell for it instantly.  Since it comes with better formulation and its semi matte, satin finish is so much more comfortable to wear compared to their matte one especially for daily. Especially for those who are lazy to touch up or retouch their lipstick (just like myself) the new formulation of the Watercolor Hydrating lipstick stains off beautifully even after it fades away throughout the day if you've eaten or drank. My personal favorite shades would go to Nude Brown and Red Plum. They are so beautiful to be worn on its own and even better ombre together too! Giving off MLBB (my lips but better)  kind of lips. Which of the five is your favorite?  

Overall I rate this new Lip on Lip Watercolor Hydrating Lipstick 
They will soon be available in the market at your nearest drugstores and supermarket by January 2020. So make sure to mark your calendar and don't forget to get yours once its launched cause its definitely worth buying. Although they may have a very pocket friendly price tag of about Rp.40 000 but their quality is so good, don't trust me? go check it out yourself when they're available in the market. I bet its gonna make a great hit ! 
Are you excited for it?
For more info kindly check out @liponlip_id 
Thank you for reading, See you on my next post~

Love, Stevie 

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