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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Barry M is a British Cult Cosmetic brand that has recently adds color to the cosmetic or beauty industry in Indonesia. Have you heard of this brand before? If not it’s a brand you’ll want to give it a try to since they have a lot of decorative makeup and cosmetics that are worth trying out. The brand, Barry Mero started out in 1982 and is known to be a brand that is high in quality, cruelty free, 100% Vegetarian at an affordable price. Although they’ve started out ages ago but they’re continuing to improve and innovate to create products that are up to date to the latest trend and style. 

In this post I'll be sharing about Barry M's Eyeshadow palette which is Meteor Storm, Fall in Love and Deluxe Metals. When I first tried out the products I have no expectations over them cause I've not tried any Barry M's product before however after trying them out I'm blown! They have amazing pigmentation and formula for their eyeshadow and each palette consists of colors that are so versatile that you can easily play around with to create different look from casual day out to glam makeup look. Are you ready for the swatches? Make sure to stick to the end of this post cause I've got them all covered for you here.  

 Meteor Storm 
Meteor Strom Swatches 

Fall In Love 

Fall in Love Swatches

Deluxe Metal 

Deluxe Metals swatches
Overall I think these new Eyeshadow palette from Barry M is worth trying because they have amazing pigmentation and color pay off which even in a single glide you can already see the colors. They are pretty handy to carry while traveling too since they are not too bulky in size however they come in a cardboard packaging with a magnetic case, I worry that it might accidentally open if placed in a makeup pouch full of other products. Each palette also comes with a variation of colors from matte to shimmery glitters combination which would be perfect to play around while creating different eyeshadow look. Meteor Shower palette is the most unique of all with it hologram shades which caught my attention from the very beginning. It contain 8 shades that are all very pigmented and beautiful. Fall in Love palette consist 10  matte colors without any shimmery glittery colors but they come with vivid lively colors that would make a great mix too for your eye makeup. Deluxe Metals palette consist of mainly 10 glittery shades which are more neutral in warm brown shades, perfect for everyday wear. 

In terms of formula they have a buttery creamy texture which makes it easier to blend. Although they may have a strong color pigmentation but don't worry you can always blend it off to make it look more natural. My favorite palette would go to Meteor Storm cause they have that chameleon hologram color that is so beautiful and just add a pop on my eye makeup. How about you which is your favorite palette? 
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Where to buy? 
You can purchase all Barry M products at Guardian and they are also available online on Sociolla. If you happen to shop through Sociolla don’t forget to use my code SBNLAHWU to get 50 k off for a min of 250k. The price ranges for Barry M products varies but I would say they have very pocket friendly price tag but you don't have to question their quality. Their products have amazing formulation and pigmentation, just great for decorative makeup. 

Thank you for reading! I'll see you soon on my next one...

Love, Stevie 

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