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Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Meet the classic Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Lipsticks in their newest packaging and better formulation with their Rouge Unlimited Amplified and Amplified Matte.That look so much more chic, a purely vibrant, deeply intense, bolder than ever. So do you know that they have more than 130 shades and is made in Japan.  In 2019 they've carefully crafted a new range to add to the iconic Rouge Unlimited lipsticks family. 
In this post I'll be sharing about my review on their lipsticks including the new Rouge Unlimited Amplified Matte. If you're curious make sure to read till the end! Below I've also included the whole swatches of the three lipsticks which I received. I've always been so happy to add some new lipsticks into my whole lipstick collections cause no lady would ever confess to have enough lipsticks. The more the merrier~
Arm Swatches, which is your favorite shades?
Rouge Unlimited Amplified Matte - AM BR 764
The new Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Amplified Matte has a very pigmented and vivid texture thus a single swipe can already look so intense. Just like all Shu Uemura's Rouge Unlimited lipsticks it has great color pay off and even though its matte but its not heavy or clumpy on the lips as it glides in smoothly on my lips. 

Rouge Unlimited Matte - M RD 161 

Here's the classic Rouge Unlimited Matte by Shu Uemura in the perfect RED. Which is perfect for the upcoming Chinese new year. Red is usually not my color but don't you think this red is so lovely. Although it is matte but its super comfortable on my lips and not feeling heavy or drying on my lips.

Rouge Unlimited - WN 297

Next is this beautiful wine color :) I've always been a fan of quirky lipstick colors especially purple. However this Rouge Unlimited is more sheer compared to the other two which is so pigmented but I guess its the formulation. Don't you think this color would be the perfect one to wear on a night out? 

Right Left →
Rouge Unlimited Matte - M RD 161 Rouge Unlimited - WN 297Rouge Unlimited Amplified Matte - AM BR 764
Their old classic Rouge Unlimited is their curved ones but now they come in this black rectangular packaging which is so much more classy and sophisticated looking. Now this new packaging definitely gives a new feel to the lipstick. If you're a Shu Uemura fan you're most probably aware with the differences I'm trying to explain here. 

The packaging is simple beautiful and sophisticated

Its still made in Japan
List of all the ingredients 
Formula & Texture 
Now let's discuss about the most important part which is the formula and texture of Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited lipsticks. If you know, this is one of the many great high end lipsticks you would want to splurge into. They have great color pay off as it glides in smoothly on my lips without making it look dry or chappy even with their matte lipsticks. They also have amazing intense, vivid color pay off which is so pigmented as it glides on the lips, it kind of give a smooth creamy texture of lipstick that can be easily blend out with. 
I would recommend you to try the new Rouge Unlimited lipstick because they have a intense and vivid color pay off even with a single swipe. My favourite two would be 
Rouge Unlimited - WN 297 and Rouge Unlimited Amplified Matte - AM BR 764. Although the red is so pretty but I rarely wear pure red as a lipstick cause I always feel its a bit too much to wear red lips but if you're comfortable with your own skin and loves attention that Rouge Unlimited Matte M RD 161  would be the best pick. Aside from that the lipstick also has a beautiful color pay off which still stains naturally on the lips even if it fades out throughout the day. Another thing I like about their lipsticks are Rouge Unlimited lipsticks always feel very skin like and light weight and doesn't crack into all the fine lines on my lips highlighting on dry Chappy lips. 

Where to buy?
All Shu Uemura products are available at their boutique store, counters at department stores or online on Sociolla. Simply quote SBNLAHWU to get 50k off with a minimum of 250k purchases for every purchases through Sociolla. Are you ready to bring out the best, bold and elevated self with Rouge Unlimited Lipsticks? Go check them out. 
  Thank you for reading! see you on my next post! 

Love, Stevie 

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