Letter to you: 2020

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Looking back to the first few months of 2020 all I could say is it's full of surprises! 
The first three months of 2020 have been pretty rough, 
Who would ever thought that we’d start the year with a surprise; massive flooding everywhere across cities and bush fires happening down in our neighboring country - Australia. Then pandemic starts happening effecting everyone across the globe. It's even start to hurt the whole economic and society, the spread isn't slowing down but slowly spreading to the whole world. Although in the midst of all uncertainty, I'm a firm believer that better days are ahead no matter how bleak the road ahead might seem but I could assure you the best is yet to come.   
The world is shaking and it simply hits me like how tiny, small and insignificant we are compare the whole universe revolving around us. At times we might magnify our own problems thinking that its the world end but it’s actually just an iceberg tip.

Coming to think of it, it makes me feel sad, astonished 
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Sometimes we ask for surprise but we never thought it could happen in ways we never dreamt of happening. Despite the circumstances I believe there’s always a better plan ahead. Tomorrow might not be better but there’s always something good in every day. Let’s start to cherish the present since we can't be certain about a lot of things these days. Not people, feelings or word everything revolves thus let’s learn to surrender. 

The situation is so uncertain that I can't help but let fear, anxiety and worry creeps in. I've made plans but most of it fail, its like the universe is telling me to take a step back and slow down. I have a lot planned out but many weren't even able to come to light because of the circumstances. I had to cancel my plans cause the current situation is so uncertain that I just don't want to add up to another problem by forcing in my desire. Well at least it taught me to be less selfish and be more considerate about life as a whole. I realize that life is so fragile, it's precious but at the same time vain. We often live just to meet end meets thus living becomes a routine, we start losing our purpose and keep wanting more. Feeding in the greedy traits living in every single living being. Once greed gets bigger it starts to exploit, to want even more. Then we're all caught in the same circle to want more and never know when to stop which eventually leads us to destruction! 

Maybe its time to step back 
Slow down 
Let the earth and world heal. 

Maybe without knowing human (us) have grown so greedy and needy that our behavior has caused destruction to our earth, our only home. Maybe with this mishap we can find wisdom to make things right. To make this world a better place by becoming a better human for our home (read: earth) as well as for one another. 
It's time to be more human, be vulnerable, be the best version of you! 
The world needs us, change has start, it begins with us. 

I refuse to stay fearful, worrisome and sad, as long as I'm living I want to live the most out of live. Living my purpose and becoming a impact to my surroundings, little might be my voice but together we can be change. Let's start to be more considerate to each other not only with words but with our actions. Now let's pray that we'll get through this situation soon, and may the rest of 2020 brings good news to us. Never lose hope because sometimes your miracle is on the way, just one step away from the moment you decided to give up. So whenever you feel like you don't have hope even in desperate times keep doing good, and don't lose hope. Your breakthrough is on time way and its never late. 

Love, Stevie 

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  1. Kadang mikir enak ya jadi orng lain bisa jalan", shopping, sangking sering mikirin itu Mulu, aku jadi lupa sama kebaikan yg udah Tuhan kasih ke aku, contohnya nih nafas kehidupan, kasehatan, seharusnya itu udah lebih dari cukup, emng pikiran dan asumsi kita itu yg bikin kita kurang bersyukur huhu
    Sehat terus ya kak Stevie, God bless you 💕


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