[Beauty]: Make Over Hydrastay Smooth Lip Whip

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Hello beautiful people, Today I'm back with an exciting post about the latest lip product launch by  Make Over which is their Hydrastay Smooth Lip Whip. It's not without reason they called it "Lip Whip", its because the product itself has a similar texture to the yummy whip cream we love to top off our drinks with. The product is said to feel like whip cream which is soft and smooth on the lips. In this post I'll share my review on this new Lip Whip by Make Over and let's start the discussion. In this post I'll share on the three lip whip which I received from their 12 beautiful color options. 
Especially during this Ramadan season where mostly those who take part practice fasting which can be very drying for the lips thus this new lip whip can be a good option for you to try. Without further ado, let's dial in more on this product now. 

Texture & Formula
The reason why I say this product would be the best lip product for this Ramadan season is because it has a very unique formula and texture that is formulated to not highlight any dry lines and patches on the lips. Which makes it the perfect lip product now as those who are fasting can't drink so they'll tend to have dry and chapped lips easier however due to the Hydra - matte smooth formula in the lip whip will stay comfortable on the lips without drying out the lips even more.  Hydrastay Smooth Lip Whip  comes in a Velvet Blurry Finish and has Intense Colorstorm Pigments. 
The smooth velvet texture is comfortable on the lips and upon application its so smooth and soft as if its a whip cream. Its also designed for dry lips with deep hydrating active that helps to smoothen cracky lips with its healthy matte finish. The color also seem to show intensely even from the first glide. 
I'm wearing C07 Soiree, its my fav from all the three shades that I received. It simply brighten up my whole complexion. Love everything about this lip whip. 

Here are the swatches of the new Make Over Hydrastay Smooth Lip Whip of the three shades that I received. Which of the three is your favorite? my personal favorite would be C07 Soiree cause I'm a big fan of peachy hues. 
 Make Over Hydrastay Smooth Lip Whip comes with 12 multi hued wearable shades 

C01 Grace (medium pink), C02 Ballad (dark pinkish purple), C03 Poetic (warm pink), C04 Real (true bold redl), C05 Swift (warm red), C06 Lively (bright peach), C07 Soiree (medium peach), C08 Devoted (dark orange, brick red), C09 Admire (medium orange), C10 Vow (warm nude orange), C11 Suave (neutral brownl), dan C12 Detail (dark brownish red).

I do like the packaging design which is very simple and minimalist with the classic dove black container and also a lip wand applicator which makes it even more easy and convenient to apply the product since you can control the application and the amount of products you want to use. At the back of the jar you'll find the hint of the colors or shades of the lip whip as well as the shade's code, so you easily differentiate the colors. 

Now let's talk about the most important matter; price. Overall Make Over's pricing has always been very wallet friendly. This new  Hydrastay Smooth Lip Whip cost for Rp105.000. Go get it now at Make Over's webstore, counters or your favorite market place. For more info and promos, keep check of Make Over's social media pages:




Thank you for reading! See you on my next post. May everyone who celebrate Ramadan and fasting can successfully complete it and celebrate the winning day soon. I wish everyone a happy Ramadan season and stay healthy and safe always. 

Love, Stevie 

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