MoJA Vol. 2 : Fun Day

Thursday, April 22, 2021

 The latest art installations by MoJA Feels is back with their vol. 2, returning with their success on MoJA art installations which has gathered so much public interest they are now back with something new. So happy to finally visit art exhibitions again! I've been an avid fan of art installation and museum, I can spend a whole day and not get bored. 

This new MoJA Vol.2 explore the theme 'Feelings' with 17 installation rooms filled with various art installations that would be the perfect backdrop for your instagenic shots. Just a little tip, if you're planning to visit come on odd hours on weekdays to avoid crowds so you can take all the pictures you want with less distraction and photo bomb. 

Here's some postcards and sneak peek to all the fun I had at MoJA! Enjoy :) 

My favorite thing about this MoJA Vol. 2 is aside from their art installations they also have interactive pieces where we can play games! It's super fun to explore together with your friends and loved ones. Mask must be worn at all times and they have sanitizer on almost all rooms. If you come alone you don't have to fear no one will take pictures for you, since their staffs are all ready to help you take your beautiful shots. P.s. they say that their staffs are all trained to take decent instagenic picts, well tested and proven! What do you think of this sunny beach day shot? 

House rules ↑↑


Rp 115,000 weekdays

Rp 135,000 weekend / public holiday

*ticket prices include taxes and services

Operational Hours

Opens everyday MoJA GBK 

11 am- 7.30 pm 

How to get there? 
Due to pandemic a lot of gates are being locked so getting to MoJA GBK can be a bit tricky, here's a little trick I found. Stop at Gate H when you reach GBK, then there you'll find a small door where you can then walk to the blue door (zona 8) of GBK stadium where MoJA is. 

Thank you for reading:) See you on my next one~ 

Today ask yourself, how are you feeling? I hope you're all well, happy and healthy. 
Stay safe and healthy always. 

Love, Stevie 

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