[Review]: Gastromaquia Restaurant, Senopati

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hello loves, today I'm back with kind of a different post because this post will be about a restaurant review. Thanks to both Clozette ID and Gastromaquia Restaurant for the opportunity to review this super chic and cute restaurant. This Gastromaquia Restaurant, has always been on my to try list but every time I came I only had a brief visit but luckily this time I get to chill and experience a proper dining experience here. Although this is a sponsored post but all the thoughts regarding to my review are my own honest thought.
Gastromaquia Restaurant is located at Senopati an area that is currently the hippest area in town filled with varieties of restaurants and it's usually very packed with youngsters spending their time with their friends or families. This restaurant is the perfect place if you like chic, homey, cozy and laid-back ambiance to chill and have a nice chit- chat with your beloved ones. It is also a very nice place to throw parties or gathering, since they got two floors so it can accommodate for birthday parties, family gathering or other private events. The wooden elements and pastel colours in each floors and room in the restaurant just make it even more pretty and for you girls who love to take OOTD shots, I promise you this restaurant has tons of corners that can be used to make the perfect backdrop for your picture and not to forget the abundant supply of natural light you can get from the large windows and balcony at the second floor.  
Gastromaquia Jakarta Restaurant is a modern Spanish restaurant from Madrid and they have brought the authentic taste here to Jakarta. Aside from Spanish and Madrid dishes they also offer fusion Asian cuisine to match with the local market. 
The First Floor
The outdoor balcony area on the second floor 
Every details of this restaurant is so cute and Instagram-able! 
Now let's move on to the most anticipated part, FOOD! It's essential that a restaurant should serve decent and delicious food in addition to their nice interior but since these days many restaurants are popping up. Some missed the key that is food, some of these restaurants have cozy and brilliant interiors but the food were mandatory. So what do I think of the food here at Gastromaquia Jakarta restaurant? They serve pretty unique and tasty food. To be honest I didn't have high expectations on it because you know some beautifully designed restaurants or cafes don't really serve nice food, but we do still visit because of its ambiance but this resto serves dishes that are unique which makes me curious of how they'd turn out. 

So on my visit I ordered 2 tapas dishes which I've read in some reviews are delicious, one main dish, one dessert and two drinks ( chamomile tea and Madam Rosella Mojito). If you guys know me personally you'd have known I'm pretty much a foodie myself and that's why I love trying out new restaurants and new dishes. The food presentation at this place is nice but I can say their sizes were pretty small especially the tapas  but don't get me wrong even though the portion isn't big but its not very little too ( it's just right or maybe can be a little bit more would be nice). Now let's move on to my food review, I'm no food critique and all my opinions are my own and each of us may have a different taste bud so I suggest you to try them out for yourself and not solely fixed to my reviews.

Pulpo A Feira Con Espuma De Patata 
Galician Octopus with Potato Foam
This is one of the tapas  dish I wanted to try, as I've read several reviews online saying that this dish is a must-order here and it turns out to be my favourite dish. The potato foam tasted so creamy as if there is cheese in it. So yummy and not to forget the octopus are also so nice and not chewy at all. They're also very well seasoned! 
Gambas Al Ajillo
Garlic Butter Prawn
This is my other fav tapas dish too, the prawns are so fresh and they're perfectly cooked. The garlic and butter makes the prawn taste so yummy and it's being eaten together with the bread that comes with it. 
MacNcheese Pork
Hm, although I'm a cheese lover but mac and cheese was never my forte. But on that day I feel the urge to get it. It taste delicious however the cheese flavour wasn't strong enough and it kind of taste a bit bland for me. However if you eat it continuously this maybe a good option because making it creamy and salty at the same time could make the dish taste overwhelming. 
Madam Rosella
It was a hot Sunny day when I visited, that's why its a good day for some cold mojito :) The mojito that I ordered was Madam Rosella its a combination of Rosella tea, passion and lychee. Very refreshing!
Homemade NY Cheesecake
Woohoo the last part, dessert!! Who doens't love cheesecake? Just a little side note I'm a sweetooth so there is always room for dessert especially cheesecake. The texture of the cheesecake was soft and dense which makes every bite very pleasant. Would really come back for another slice of it.  

Overall I'm loving the food and they really taste unique and delicious, since I'm a great fan of cheese and almost all the food I ordered that day contain cheese it made them even more yummy! Can't stop thinking of the Galician Octopus now (my fav dish). The price range were 30k-500k IDR and there are wide varieties of dishes you can choose from. Below are the menu.

Here are some of my OOTD shots that I managed to get at that day! 
I wore a black lace top and a white drape skirt ❤
Let the wind blow and let those drapes fly ❤❤ Loving this shot a little too much. 
Gastromaquia Jakarta
Kebayoran Baru No.1
Jl. Ciniru I No.1, RT.4/RW.3
Rw. Bar., Kby. Baru
Kota Jakarta Selatan
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12180
+6221 2930 5091
Operatioal Hours: 
SUN-THU 1100 – 2200
FRI-SAT 1100 – 2300

Don't forget to follow them on Instagram too @gastromaquiato know the latest info regarding Gastromaquia Jakarta!
That's all for now, see you on my next post.❤

Love, Stevie 

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  1. Hi stevie! This is one of my favorite restaurant...fall in love for the first sight with the interior and food.



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