[ZAM Cosmetics]: Private Launching Event Recap + Swatches & Review

Monday, January 09, 2017

ZAM cosmetics was launched last Saturday on 7 Jan 2017, and I was invited to the private launching event of ZAM Cosmetics and was among the first few the other beauty bloggers and influencers to get their hands on this newly launched local lip product. For the past few months we might all have heard and seen different local lip creams coming out in the market. As part of the beauty enthusiast and blogger I'm very happy to see this local beauty industry growing and developing in a positive manner. The more products available we'll have more choices to choose ( which may not be good at times hahaha). In this blog I'll also be swatching them so make sure you read till the end. 

ZAM Cosmetics launch four different shades which symbolizes the clock and the different need of lip colours as the time passes throughout the day.The lip shade names are very cute too:

08.00 AM "Blush": Reflects a personality of woman who feminine and sociable. This is the pink of universal love and unity. It is mature, feminine and intuitive. The colour is soft and warm.

12.00 PM "Silk Ribbon": Reflects a personality of woman who outgoing and fun. This is an unusual lavender-pink and relates to the unconventional and the individual doing his or her own thing. The colour is deeper pink rather than 08.00 AM.

04.00 PM "Plum": Reflects a personality of woman who independent and reliable. This is a deep purple color. Who follow the risky treacherous path in life and tend as independent and reliable. 

08.00 PM "Red Scarlet" : Reflects a personality of woman who passionate and adventurous, Not afraid to show the daring side of their nature and are always ready to conquer the world. The colour is in bloody red.

Find out more about ZAM Cosmetics:

How Much?
Each cost Rp125,000.00 and you can purchase them through their website zamcosmetic.com/product/

From the left to right →08.00 AM , 04.00 PM, 12.00 PM  ,08.00 PM

Well one thing I enjoy and am kind of used to is these familiar faces and people, who make every event very enjoyable and comfortable because of their overflowing enthusiasts and interests. Glad that this whole new thing I'm exploring led me to meet these beautiful souls ❤ At the event we can take photobooth pictures while trying out ZAM Cosmetic Lip creams.
The girls that has indefinite energy for photobox 
Zaskia Adya Mecca and her beautiful sisters during the launching event introducing the brand and new lip cosmetic line ZAM.
After the Press-con Zaskia Adya Mecca and her sisters who were the muse of this new cosmetic line came to give a brief introduction on the brand and on the different lip colours that are available at Zam Cosmetic. They explained that the lipstick and lip cream each describes the sisters different personality that is how each colour is produced. 

Model wearing 8 pm 
After the short launching runway of ZAM Cosmetic in collaboration with  Denim Collection by BIA x Meccanism. We are asked to try out the lip creams. My fav pick on that day was 4 pm the plum colour just fit my skintone perfectly! 

The beauty influencers were allowed to test out the products
Here's a little preview on the food of the day! Overall the event was fun, I was glad to see familiar faces. It just seemed I gained another new family with people who may be different but we're all sharing that common passion that keeps us burning from the inside~
Stella's Carbonara Pasta, looking so yum 😍 
My main course: Grilled Chicken with Mozzarella Cheese
Dessert: Molten chocolate lava cake

Now let's move on the swatching and My little overview on this newly launched ZAM Cosmetics Lip Cream. First I was totally loving all the shades they've come out with as the colours are very beautiful and for the bright red it was surprisingly looking good on my skin. Usually bright red would make my skin somehow look very yellowish and dull but this one doesn't it just had that right composition of red and is one of those lip colours one should at least own one. 

Swatches on My Lips
• 08.00 AM "Blush"

• 12.00 PM "Silk Ribbon"

 04.00 PM "Plum" 

• 08.00 PM "Red Scarlet"

I think these new lip creams are good and the colour variants are also very beautiful however I find the formula kind of a bit too heavy that it feels kind of sticky on the lips like the lipstick just sit there. However they're not drying and doesn't seem to crack so its another (+) point. As for transfer it was said that the product will take a while to set in and not transfer but as for me I still find it transferring even after letting it to set for a while. My experience may differ from other people so if you ask me are these products worth the try? I would say you should try one and feel it for yourself, I'm not saying its bad but compare to my previous lip cream I find this one a little more sticky but its very pigmented so if you're in the hunt of a new lip cream you can give this ZAM Cosmetic a try. I would recommend you to get no. 4pm and no, 12pm, because these shades are so beautiful and the colours are also very elegant and classy. The scent is very yummy it has some kind of vanilla scent to it. ( I wonder why almost all lip cream I've came across smell like vanilla.)

Rate: 4 /5
A little bit disappointed with the formula because it felt quite tacky on my lips and it does transfer. :'(

P.S. The products are given to me after the event as my goodies but all the review and thoughts regarding the product are solely my personal honest opinion. 

Which colour do you think suits me best? I'm still loving 4 pm the most but a little surprise 8 pm do look good on me.. That's all for now, I hope you enjoy reading!

Love, Stevie 

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