LOREAL - The Infallible Party

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The most anticipated makeup line by L'Oreal it's the Infallible line is finally here in Indonesia and they're for sale exclusively on Sociolla. I was grateful to be able to attend the LOREAL - The Infallible Party event which was hosted at Grand Hyatt Ballroom, Jakarta on 10 January 2017. In this post I'll show you a glimpse of the fun I had at the event, are you ready for this long awaited post?

The event started with the press-con together withl the brand Ambassadors of L'Oreal Indonesia Dian Sastrowardoyo and Maudy Ayunda. As well as Hellua from @Thelipstickmafiaaa doing a demo on how to use the products by the Infallible makeup line. They also shared their stories of using the products. 
Dian Sastrowardoyo and Maudy Ayunda during the press-con

Hellua from @Thelipstickmafiaaa
Of course the event doesn't end with the press-con its still a long way to go, we were asked to take pictures at four different booths available at the venue. Each booth represents different concern that everyone used to face in their daily lifestyle from sweat, time, dusts, smudge, kiss etc. This Infallible makeup line is just the right makeup if you decide you need a long lasting makeup that will last for 24 hours that is sweat proof, smudge proof, time proof, kiss proof etc. Here are some of my pictures I took that day. 
Boxing on heels? Why not! :)

Me trying out the lip product
Look What I got from the event! A whole box of goodness. 
This Infallible makeup line by LOREAL has been around for sometime and they're used by Beauty Gurus and Beauty Youtubers around the globe and if you're a beauty enthusiasts, you may have already stumbled upon these products before but now they're available here in Indonesia so you'll no longer need to relay on some online shops. Having a makeup that can last all day even without touching up is most probably a dream every girl make as touching up throughout the day just to make the makeup look decent throughout the day is a whole bothersome process and it's something I personally rarely do #oops but to be honest I hate touching up. So this whole makeup line is indeed made to cater to lazy girls like me who rarely touch up their makeup throughout the day cause with Infallible makeup you're makeup will last 24 hours❤ 

Don't believe it ? prove it yourself this Infallible line really does last 24 hours! Don't forget to get yours exclusively from Sociolla and on the check out don't forget to use my code to get Rp. 50 000 off your purchase Min Rp. 250 000. Find my code on the side of my page❤
Want to see me review each product? If yes, leave a comment on the description box. 

Love, Stevie 

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