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Monday, January 16, 2017

I've always had this stereotype that almost all pencil eyeliner would be smudgy and make your whole eye makeup look ugly throughout the day because like it or not almost every pencil eyeliner I've tried before is a total disappointment which finally led me to a conclusion that pencil eyeliner isn't right for me.

Usual pencil eyeliners would smudge all over your eyes and in the end create a black ink around your eyes making you look somehow like a panda. Panda is cute but when it's your eye make up it's ain't cute. However this Make Over Pencil Eyeliner proved me wrong, it's a definition of an eyeliner everyone needs, no wonder its the bestselling pencil eyeliner of Make Over.
The product is so creamy and it glides in smoothly and easily.
I tried to swatch it on the back of my hand and tried to rub it off but it won't budge and the colour stays on even after washing my hands. The pigmentation and lasting power of this product is surely no joke. If you're in the search for a pencil eyeliner that won't smudge, has long lasting feature, highly pigmented this Make Over Pencil Eyeliner is the right option for you! Well if you ever had bad experience with bad pencil eyeliners like me before, don't forget to try out this product before you completely lose hope for pencil eyeliners. Definitely give this product a try.

It comes in seven different shades Black Jack, Posh Purple, Glam Gold, Brown Latte, Royal Blue, White Techno, Goddess Gold.

How to use?

1. Black Jack for dramatic effect and smokey eyes
2. Brown Latte for a natural and soft eye look
3. Navy Blue to refresh the eye
4. White Techno and Goddess Gold to brighten up the eye
5. Glam Gold to give effect glamour

The Product Claim to:
1.  Right for thin and sensitive eye skin - the texture is very soft, facilitates the application without irritating the eyes or causing eye irritation

2. One pencil with three functions - to beautify the eyes, improve eye imperfection and provide a touch of expression,
3. Versatile - Suitable use for leisure activities as well as party, everyday use as well as events in the evening with superior formula, making sure that:
4. The colors are intense, rich and durable

5. Waterproof and tears-proof
6. Fade proof and not sticky
Tips: Eye Liner Pencil safe use of contact lens users
So I got mine from Sociolla and thanks Sociolla for sending me this Make Over Pencil eyeliner. I'm so in love with this eyeliner because it doesn't smudge and it's very easy for application. Even though I'm a beauty enthusiast and love to try out new beauty and make up product but still love products that are easy to apply and fuss free. the packaging comes in a sleek black packaging consisting of the pencil eyeliner sharpener and a piece of  pencil eyeliner. I love how they've included the sharpener in the packaging because sometimes it can be troublesome if a pencil eyeliner doesn't include the sharpener and we should purchase the sharpener separately. Mine is in the shade Black Jack, the colour is highly pigmented and in a single glide you can already feel the product is so vivid in colour. 
This is how the product look on my eyes, even though its in a pencil form but it can also create that thin little wing cat eye look that I like. You'll just need to shape the tip a bit and rub off the excess product for a precise thin wing cat eye. 
Closer look
Speaking of which this Make Over pencil eyeliner only cost Rp. 80 000 which is relatively affordable and cheap compared to other pencil eyeliners in the market, however after considering all its features I'll say this product worth every single penny you spent on it. Even though the price is not expensive but this product ain't any cheap and bad product! I'll rate it 10/10 and it's staying power is so strong that even when I tried to remove it off with my micellar cleansing water, it wouldn't budge and finally I had to use my oil remover to get them off. 

Don't forget to use my code and get Rp. 50,000 off your total purchase. 
Get Yours from😍

Love, Stevie 

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