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Friday, February 17, 2017

In continuation to my collaboration with Beautynesia HIS Travel, this month I will write about the upcoming Spring season that is highly popular among tourists to visit Japan. Since it is the time of the year where Sakura and Cherry Blossom flowers bloom making the whole city look so festive and dreamy! When we talk about spring the first thing that pop into my mind is sakura flowers blooming everywhere. 

These days when travelling is essential Japan seem to be a very popular destination too! I personally love Japanese food a lot that I think I can eat sushi all year long. Japan is popular because it's a country that is very developed in almost all aspects of their public service and facility making it very convenient for tourists and as the demand of self-travelling keeps on increasing, Japan's integrated public transportation system makes it possible for self-traveler who aren't with tours or solo travelers to easily reach their destination around the city easily with public transpiration such as JR railway. However if you're a tourist you'll need to purchase you JR Pass from your country that's what I've heard from my friend's personal experience in Japan because they won't sell the pass there. That's why with H.I.S Travel you can now easily purchase your JR Pass. 

H.I.S Travel now easily offers various services that will ease your travel preparation process because through them you can book your flight, find your hotel, find your wanted land tour, and event provide other services such as WI-FI rental. H.I.S Travel also offers tours packages such as below and you can check out more of it here.
Through H.I.S you can not only book for your upcoming trip which I've previously wrote on my previous posts ( If you missed out, read it here and here) but you can also plan your dream travelling destination and tour packages through their HAnavi service. So are you planning on an upcoming Spring trip? Make your travelling experience even more memorable and easy with H.I.S Travel and their online travel website ! 

Check out some best Sakura spots in Tokyo, Japan

Ueno Park
Address: UenokoenTaito 110-0007Tokyo 

Chidorigafuchi Moat
Address: 1-1 KitanomarukoenChiyoda 102-0091Tokyo

Shinjuku Gyoen
Address: 11 NaitochoShinjuku 160-0014Tokyo 

Meguro River

Yoyogi Park
Address: 2-1 Yoyogi KamizonochoShibuya 151-0052Tokyo

I'll elaborate more on the fun and interesting things you can do in Japan on my next post. 
See you on my next post~

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Picture Credit: H.I.S.  and Google 

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