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Thursday, March 01, 2018

Hello loves, its finally a brand new month! Let's hope this month will bring more joy and happiness to each of us... Now I'd like to share with you guess a little bit on my event recap at Heavenly Blush event last week that took place at William’s Casual Dining, SCBD. Let me take you on a sneak peek to all the funs we had at the event. During this event I learnt and gained a lot of insight about how to maintain an ideal and healthy living from our diet. On this event Heavenly Blush wanted to take us on a journey to learn and find the secret of Greek wellness.

Today it's almost impossible to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle due to our busy daily schedules. We might be caught up with work and deadlines that we decided to eat fast food everyday to save more time to work then at night work till late night. All these activities eventually harm our own body and results in various unbalanced lifestyle. Thus this is very important for us to take good care of our own body and lifestyle to avoid unwanted illness (This should be something I'm telling my own self ). To be honest that I don't really have a balanced lifestyle these days and for the past year I've been juggling between endless projects and deadlines. I'm very grateful for all the chances and opportunities that came in but somehow it forced me to forsake my beauty sleep, etc... I'm not really good at stress management so I can get all stressed up when things don't go as planned because of my perfectionist nature therefore it just add one more problem to my unbalanced lifestyle. 
Thus this makes eating right the only choice I have to try and keep my body fit and healthy. I really see the importance of eating right because you've heard this saying right? "you are what you eat" I can't say I have the most proper eating habit but most of the time I try to eat home cook meals because for me that is the most soothing and healthy meal compared to eating outside. So that's a little background on my not so balanced lifestyle, but the key is to always maintain a happy and positive mindset as that play a huge role in determining your wellness as well. 
The star of the day: Heavenly Blush Greek Yogurt 

Now enough about my rambling let's go back to the event... Heavenly Blush which is established in 2008 has been known as a wellness yogurt specialist  in the food and beverages industry committed to bring yogurts that ensures wellness and health. The event is opened with an opening speech from the Marketing Director of Heavenly Blush Ivonne Aryanti, She said that  Heavenly Blush is committed to bring new innovations of yogurt into the market and in 2015 they have introduced the first ready to consume Greek Yogurt to the Indonesian market. Heavenly Blush has a wide variety of ready to consume yogurt in different flavors with the right sourness and nutritionally balanced. Heavenly blush yogurt has great taste and doesn't contain preservative, artificial coloring and artificial sweetener.
They also explained why they chose Greek Secret as their theme is because Greece is known as the third healthiest country in the world with the highest life expectancy that reaches 82.98 years old. 
Moving on is a very special segment with the nutrition doctor Dr. dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS, SpGK who shared a lot of insightsregarding how to maintain a healthy and ideal body weight. He shared the importance to eat balanced and to never skip meal totally. Proper diet and regular exercise will ensure a healthy and ideal body shape and weight. He did mention that to maintain a healthy diet one should consider: the amount of food intake, the schedule of meals, the choices of food, and the way the food is prepared. It was indeed an eye opener on how to manage and eat right by listening to his presentation.

He shared that eating yogurt is a good way to help maintain the amount of good bacteria that our body needs to maintain a healthy digestive system. According to him every human needs to have a balanced nutrition intake so that the body metabolism system can work properly. Since Greek yogurt have thicker and denser texture it enables to keep us feeling full longer and they also have high protein. Greek people is known to maintain their diet by eating lots of fresh vegetables, fruits , olive oil and yogurt. Yogurt is one of the main diet of the people in Greek, this is why their secret in their wellness lies in what they consume regularly by their Mediterranean diet.
Then we chatted with Jennifer Bachdim who managed to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle in the midst of being a mom of two. She is known to exercise regularly following up her husband'c occupation as an athlete. I truly adore her sweet family and how she managed to maintain herself while being a full time mom. She's so adorable and sweet! She also shared about her daily routines and her favorite yogurts. 
The guest speakers of the day
Now we're moving to the activity part of the event which is a cooking demo... You know me cooking is not my thing hahahaha.. I'm more of the eater but on this event we made this super easy banana mermaid smoothie. Why mermaid? because our smoothie will turn blue, without any artificial coloring but with natural flowers. The demo is hosted by  Putri Miranti a professional chef.
So the main ingredient for this smoothie bowl is banana, and Heavenly Blush classic Greek Yogurt. You can add some almond milk and maple syrup according to your likings and then blend them well. In this event we wanted to create the mermaid smoothie bowl so the natural blue coloring is added. I was impressed to see how blue our smoothie turns out. its a beautiful pastel blue smoothie ❤
As for the garnishing we have some nuts, strawberries, raspberries, blueberry, edible flowers and granola. We are then asked to decorate our own smoothie bowl, we are each already being divided into groups of four each. Now are you ready? I'll be revealing our smoothie bowl below. I did tasted the smoothie because it looks so tempting and surprisingly I'm liking it !!! 
Look how deep and vivid is that blue
Taaa-daaa~ our final smoothie bowl 
Here's our final smoothie bowl decoration, we made two and this is the smaller bowl  
Here's the larger bowl, can't you guess what our plating describes? It's actually suppose to be a beach scene. 
After completing our smoothie bowl it marks the end of our event! It was indeed a pleasant and fun evening with Heavenly Blush. Thank you so much for having me at this event :) I had lots of fun ❤
My fellow blogger babes
On the event I won the best Instagram picture and look at my loads of yogurt stock!! Thank you Heavenly Blush for spoiling me with so much yogurts.. I'm actually never a fan of ready to consume liquid yogurt as I prefer fro-yo (frozen yogurt). That's why Heavenly Blush isn't any new brand cause I'm a loyal customers of them since their fro-yo days.. But now since I've tried the smoothies bowl made with their classic greek yogurt I think I'll like the taste of their yogurts. Now challenging myself to consume one each day! Let's see if I can finally incorporate yogurt into my daily diet :) Below are also some of the different varieties of Heavenly Blush products from Greek Classic, Yogurt Drink To Go, Yo! Yogurt For Kids, and Hi Fiber Tummy Yogurt Bar. Aside from these they also have Greek yogurt that comes in a packaging that have won several awards even in the international level with their innovation in packaging of including spoon and making their packaging design ergonomic and consumer friendly. The other product is Hi Fiber Tummy Yogurt Drink.  
Continue to read to the end to find out a very special campaign and competition hosted by Heavenly Blush to travel to Greece for FREE!!!

If you guys this blue door don't just pass by. Remember to stop and pose cause this is the newest Heavenly Blush campaign to take their consumers to find the secret of Greek Wellness.  
Good news loves! Heavenly blush will be taking 30 winners to discover the secret of Greek wellness and health to Greece. Experience, travel and enjoy the beautiful Greek and Santorini with Heavenly Blush. Make sure you don't miss out, for more information regarding this competition check out Heavenly Blush #HeavenlyBlushGreekSecret . 

A healthy and a balanced lifestyle is the key to natural wellness. 
Thank you for reading! Have a great day :) 

Love, Stevie 

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