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Monday, April 02, 2018

Good Morning, Instead of Monday Blues let's start the fresh new week with a new lipstick review. Today it's about this new local makeup brand by Catherine Sumtri, Cora Beauty. Cora Beauty is recently launched as a new emerging local matte lipstick :) Their first launch comes in four beautiful shades that if I would say very much represent the characteristic of the founder. The matte lipstick is also formulated to be multipurpose thus you can use it as a blush or even eyeshadow. Today we love everything instant and quick therefore if one product can do the job it would be better to save us time in getting ready. In this post I'll share the complete swatch of the four shades as well as my little review on the product. 
As for now Cora Beauty is available for sale through their  Instagram and official Line  
Here are the four shades from their first collection launch : Tipsy Sparkle, Plum Me Up, True Lilac, Creme Caramel. 
+Texture feels light 
+Feel comfortable on the lips
+ Has a great scent and taste 
+ leaves stain for darker & brighter colors 

- Not long lasting or transfer proof  ( retouching every time after you eat and drink will everything just fine)
Rate: 8/10
Creme Caramel
True Lilac 
Plum Me Up 
Tipsy Sparkle 

Which one is your favorite shades? Mine goes to True Lilac and Tipsy Sparkle. True Lilac is a color that caught my eyes when I first saw the products. The color is beyond beautiful, thank you for creating such a quirky shade. Overall I do like the texture and formula of the lipstick. Hope to see many more shades in the near future! Once again congratulation Cora Beauty on your launch, I look forward to see your business flourish and expand in other makeup areas as well. 

Love, Stevie 

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  1. Woww..warnanya Kece2 banget kak,Penasaran dehh pengen nyobain terutama warna True Lilac dan Tipsy sparkle❤..karena warnanya itu unik dan gak biasa menurutku.. semoga next bisa nyobain..
    Name :Fanie
    Name IG :salsabila488

  2. Thank you for the review, btw i love the color of crame caramel.
    Btw my Instagram account is: nenifitriarahayu

  3. Tuh kan kesel deh, kenapa semua warna lipstick dibibir kaka always keliatan flawless?🙄 namaku wanda hamida, my instagram @wandahamida1

  4. Bikin penasaran, warnanya cantik cantik semua. Apalagi tipsy sparkle 😂😂😘
    Muthia lestari fatqhi
    Instagram account : mutialfa

  5. OMG warna warna emang lucu lucu. I love shade plum it up. (ig: @elvani.sbt)


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